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Brunet vegetable had better be thoroughlied cook eat

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According to " contemporary health signs up for " report, the kind that has vegetable ideal is, the vegetable major cooked food with very grave color, color is light and quality of a material is fragile tender vegetable is eaten raw. The temperature of vegetable cook is controlled as far as possible not exorbitant, cook means is delicate little oil. Such, amount and quality, nutrition and mouthfeel are OK give attention to two or morethings.

   Ripe the profit that takes vegetable is:

Cook can raise the vitamin in greenery vegetable and orange yellow vegetable K is mixed the utilization rate of kind of carotene. These two kinds of material like dissolve only at grease, hot cook makes cellular wall bate, the dissolve of red element of stimulative carotene, tomato goes out, raise absorptivity.

   Cook can raise the utilization rate of calcic magnesian element in vegetable

. A lot of people know calcium comes from milk only, magnesium comes from banana, do not know greenery vegetable also is the good origin of these nutriment however. Because,this is, there is oxalic acid in major greenery vegetable, it goes against calcium and magnesian absorption. However, between cook treatment, want to iron measure through scald only, fry all right again make or cold and dressed with sause, can eliminate majority oxalic acid.

   Cook can increase vegetable edible amount substantially.

Although nutriment is without a loss,eat raw, but total edible amount rises very hard. People has such experience, if the requirement is daily,eat 500 grams vegetable, so complete rely on to eat vegetable raw very inaccessible this amount requirement. If have half vegetable ripe eat, complete this measure easy to do.

   Cook is OK bate fiber.

Bowel of frail to intestines and stomach, dyspeptic, stomach bilges the person of the type such as gas, chronic diarrhoea is beneficial.

Finally, ripe eat vegetable to compare sanitation. Add heat energy to exterminate bacteria and bug egg, coliform organisms and so on is very intolerable also the severe test that gets boiling water or hot oil. A few fight nutrient element and the oxidation that destroy a vitamin enzymatic kind, also can be destroyed live in heating process.