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4 kinds of the daily life of a family of aubergine have a way

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, tomato fries aubergine

This is the intermarriage of be worthy of the name, one is tomato, one is aubergine. Tomato flay cuts man, aubergine also flay cuts man, the glossy that oil puts to fry aubergine in boiler shines fry after was being appeared, issue chopped green onion, tomato, salt is put after be being fried a few times, white vinegar, white sugar, pink of the five spices, tomato rotted went.

Intermarriage affects the person allegedly the intelligence quotient of next generation, vegetable and near cooking says to be able to increase appetite only according to one husband.

2, evaporate aubergine

Aubergine is whole evaporate is soft, also do not want too soft, as to evaporate how many minutes also had not been calculated, somebody likes to eat soft, somebody likes to eat to have bit of hard core a little, basis individual be fond of is calm, if,do not pass of evaporate too soft a water is too much, not good-looking also, so evaporate when do not put in dish again evaporate, want to be placed on lotus seed directly however, such water wade.

With powder of green ginger garlic, chili oil, balm, salt, soy, acetic white sugar is right good juice, dipping in to eat.

3, eggplant is in inside

Ah, this is be there just to make up the number, look suddenly seem to be given priority to with a round mass of food and fabaceous horn, since,do not pass inside aubergine calculates be in this card

Aubergine, fabaceous horn, meatball puts the bomb in oil ripe, teem will accuse only oil, oily a few stays in boiler, garlic of ginger issueing green is fried sweet, add bit of boiled water or broth, drench bit of cooking wine, soy, good scamper thing is put in, put salt and white sugar to still have pepper, burn tick off Gorgon euryale to go.

This also can call the ground 3 delicacy, the aubergine that plants in the ground, fabaceous horn, a round mass of food that the pig that runs on the ground makes, call the ground 3 delicacy so.

4, pointed any of several hot spice plants fries eggplant silk

Cut into shreds, put oil to fry aubergine next, green ginger garlic is put when aubergine is soft, put pointed any of several hot spice plants, put cooking wine, soy a few, white sugar, salt, pepper, fry a few times went.

Aubergine this thing oil is much ability is delicious, if you do not want to eat so fat, then you prepare a flat bottom not to stick boiler, put oil less, when just was being fried, aubergine can suck oil, not afraid nevertheless, the aubergine after be being fried a little while became soft oil can be spat come, nevertheless the word says, oily still much sweeter.