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Advocate hutch 10 action

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Biscuit of 1. be affected with damp be affected with damp handles a way: After the biscuit of crisp of quality of a material unseals, fatigued and weak because of be affected with damp be affected with damp when, can put in the drying inside electric boiler, but must put in frame on, do not add water, press next switch, when awaiting switch start, can take out, or the furnace that use 焗 with microtherm bake dehumidify, if firepower is too strong or bake too long meet instead anxious, or turn hard and influence mouthfeel.

2. Bechamel wants cold storage: If the sauce makings in the kitchen is sesame paste, peanut butter, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, sanded tea sauce, thick broad-bean sauce, buy pyxis as far as possible, take the advantage of fresh and gone best, want to put snow ark to lest deteriorate,be refrigerated otherwise, oil content heals little sauce material heals fresh. With broach agitate divide evenly again teem is better than direct gouge effect.

3. Grapefruit skin but insect-resistant: The grapefruit that eats, after tearing down the white veins that stand out under the skin of the face inside the skin, put in ventilated place to blow dry, water of reoccupy sunshine insolation is divided, wait for dry hard when, the cribriform that use thorn is plastic in bags is good save, usable will make the pork kind go the laborious flavor of the smell of mutton, also can put in the corner inside ambry, prevent bug formic, or put rice small bug is prevented inside the crock.

4. Of taro save: Taro is redemptive will put too long the word that did not use decays very easily, saving a method best is its flay, stripping and slicing, with deepfry ripe, refrigerate next, use next time burn dish to go to the lavatory quite. If make sweet food, but taro section evaporate ripe refrigerate again, when cook, break mud into pieces to heat again with fruit juice machine directly can.

5. Cut beef first refrigerant: Cut beef silk or beef a short while, to make knife work beautiful, will whole beef has been wrapped, level land puts snow ark freezer to freeze half hours, wait for appearance aspic tough firm to time, reassume gives cut convenient and easy to use, ice has been compared too cut, and has put on the ice beef contains moisture content tall, tenderer than what do not put on the ice completely.

6. Of green save for a long time: Green is bought much exhaustless although put snow cabinet,also can rot, might as well it mincing put in the box, towel of a piece of paper puts bottom lower berth into snow ark to refrigerate, because snow ark has dry effect, but the moisture of purify green becomes Gan Cong, when using, should heat with oil only fry sweet can restore the effect namely.

7. The recycle of cook again oil: Scamper crosses fish, shrimp or flesh kind oily, when be being used once more, often can affect the faint scent of dish because of the odour of remaining, besides when cook again, want exception of will sedimentary filter, might as well make aubergine food, because aubergine needs deepfry to be burned again too, such colour and lustre is violetter bright. Aubergine can absorb odour of the fish inside oil, flesh, the use time that wants oil only is not very much, the aubergine that scamper crosses uses a fish sweet or sauce explodes flavor, the aubergine that has burned will be particularly delicious, and oil also becomes more relaxed, it makes reoccupy dish won't sapid, but it is advisable to still be dropped with be being used as soon as possible.
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