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Midsummer family food " environmental protection " strategy

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Sorching midsummer, the bacterial virus ready to do sth in food, await your neglect, make you fall ill with respect to meeting helper. So summer is in not only eat should note external use wholesome, although also want to do good alimental in the home " environmental protection " , ability lets a family eat healthily to set one's mind at.

Domestic food is to be lost so " environmental protection "

Midsummer, it is the most important to accomplish domestic dietetic hygiene is to should be accomplished be on guard bacterial sex bromatoxism, and cause bacterial sex the most easily the reason of bromatoxism is unripe feed and pollution of cooked food across. The appliance that handles these two kinds to feed capable person especially (wait like kitchen knife, chopping block, dishcloth) apart without the area, or it is to store the method is undeserved, lump of unripe, cooked food, cause pollution easily.

It is heat treatment inadequacy secondly, show food was not thoroughlied cook adequately likely, cannot achieve antiseptic result.

It is food thirdly pass at buy of room temperature transfer to a lower level after recuperation long, bring about a bacterium fast propagate is long, produce a large number of toxin.

The bacterium that causes bromatoxism is in centigrade between 65 ℃ of 4 ℃ ~ grow the most easily, accordingly, in midsummer, food is born no matter or ripe place too long below room temperature, addle risk is extremely high.

Finally, the hand of the person that treat food also is one of main pollution sources normally. Dish of the hand feeling food that brings bacterium, chopping block, bowl... , cause infection not carefully. When there is cut on the hand especially, coccus of golden yellow grape can reachcapture opportunity do mischief, more terrible is, the toxin that it releases falls in high temperature (centigrade 100 ℃ heat 10 minutes) destroy very hard.

From " link " assure " environmental protection "

Become the cate that can lay gut from unripe food, among them any measure has careless mistake, have create the bromatoxism, risk that makes life ill. Had handled the following link so, it is to make what your family is fed and do not have care strong assure.

A purchases food

Ji of environmental protection secret:

1. The choice refrigerates the flesh, refrigerant flesh, more not easy than warm body flesh propagate grows a bacterium. Fresh pork kind should be colour and lustre red, flesh is qualitative tender, bouncy; Adipose part is white, unfavorable contain hematic silk or show flaxen.

2. When choosing fish, should choose the flesh to pledge bouncy, smell without fishy flavour. Additional, observe pearl eye eyeball is not should crystal, cloudy; Scale burnish, complete, did not flake; Piscine branchial color is shown bright red.

3. Had better choose to have the brand, food that has attestation to the supermarket, can get be ensuringed basically, or when having a problem unfortunately, can trace to the source at least, know to who look for to be in charge of.
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