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Magical function vegetable can treat a disease

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Chinese cabbage Add water infusion with Chinese cabbage root, drink extraction juice is taken, treat cold; Qi Du to give birth to sore, with apply of Chinese cabbage pound besmear; fly ash enters order, chinese cabbage is kneaded it is good with handkerchief bag to rot, 2 ~ enter drop juice 3 drops eye, give; to match simmer in water of white sugar water to take with Chinese cabbage namely, treat whooping cough.

  Turnip Red turnip is abluent (do not go tassel) , in cutting chip to put a bowl, the maltose is put above, lay aside one night, dissolve becomes turnip syrup, early morning drink is taken, can expectorant relieve a cough, bailuo of cutcha of effective to urgent, chronic tracheitis; predicts several to add a few green Chinese onion, decoct is taken, can treat cold, guttural urticant painful; to pound juice with the turnip half bowls, add wine touch, heat is taken and drip into the number in bazoo, or drive wine simmer in water first, add a turnip again decoct, drink is taken, can treat nosebleed more than.

  Green Chinese onion Very light blue 3 root, turnips 3, soya bean 100 grams, water simmer in water is taken, treat a cold, curative effect quite beautiful; very light blue 60 grams dolly, with 60 grams honey blends boil drinkable, daily 2, every time half spoon, green Chinese onion of; of arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure a dissect, boil congee with rice, have wonderful curative effect to bare dysentery characterized by white mucous stool.

   Aubergine Gong of sting of swollen, bee, amusement bites furuncle, skin damage gall, fresh aubergine pound, ; of apply affected part often rots foot, cut is long do not cicatrization, with fresh gall of tooth of; of apply of violet eggplant skin, with lie between year of flooey eggplant to burn ash to work again and again brush.

   Balsam pear Chew take 45 balsam pear, can treat acute dysenteric; will be bright balsam pear is abluent, pound becomes mud, apply is on knot, daily 2, number day heals namely, do not leave trace; to use fry ripe bitter melon seeds to grind end, send with yellow rice or millet wine take, medicable impotent.

   Taro Treat chronic nephritis, with taro 100 grams, brown sugar 25 grams, taro abluent section, put inside boiler to burn charcoal to grind end, mix with brown sugar finally divide evenly, daily 3, take taro of 30 grams; every time 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken, can treat dysenteric; to treat gastralgia, will tender taro cuts chip to mix white sugar, meal of assist of morning and evening, mufti is effective.

   Yam Brothers chilblain, with dry yam one cut, the; on mill apply is diabetic, add water infusion with unripe yam, take juice to take namely gall of effective; mastitis, breast, grind apply of unripe yam mud.

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