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Kitchen good housewife 23 recipe

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Fry earthnut
Might as well when frying earthnut join pink of a few soda to be fried together in boiler, fast delicious.

   2 cut onion not to weep
Before cutting onion onion immerge hot water in cut again after 3 minutes, can not shed tear.

   Is clear Qing Dynasty of oil of 3 cook again like water?
When cook fry, need to come with much salad oil normally blast of ability of high temperature deepfry goes out sweet fragile finished product, but cook again oil repeats the meeting when using to have peculiar smell, drop regrettablly; At this moment you can enter leftover the deepfry in cook again oil, if this processing can make cook again oily,restore Qing Qingru water.

   Is the four seas taken how goluptious and delicious?
Kelp nutrition is rich, boil boiling water no matter, feed or frying is cold and dressed with sause very delicious, but kelp is boiled not easily sodden. The softness that should add a few vinegar to be boiled with respect to a very can fast kelp when boil only is goluptious.

   5 how to make beef becomes tenderer?
Going against beef grain to cut, because such ability cut off the fiber of beef, if down cut, that beef can become older.

   6 how to let clam spit sand?
With first clam of conduce of shadow of rare brine park spits sand.

  7 boil stiff congee not sticky boiler
Wash the pan below good rice immediateness, burn first with boiled water, conflagration, reopen boils midway not to buy water or mix to stew of low baking temperature, but can add bit of edible oil.

   Are the 8 fruits that buy not quite ripe?
Will unbaked fruit is put in the polybag that has small hole to had been sealed, suspension is in shady and cool place, conduce fruit accelerate the ripening.

   Can the apple of 9 section, pear become angry how to do?
Will already the apple of section, pear is put in brine 5 minutes, reoccupy clear water is strong clean can; If cut coating lemon juice, or drench fructose, also have same effect.

   10 blast fish
The fish wipes moisture first before next boiler, scamper oil burns heat to come when anhydrous portion, a bit cool from fire, put fish and salt again; If immerse piscine body first milk, wrap above burnt (add sodium bicarbonate) , more loose and delicious.

   11 raw slices of fish meat
With soaked clean cloth light mop, just protect cruelly oppress nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year, cannot rinse with water directly.

  The 12 course of action that how make beef becomes tenderer
The beef of in the bookshops tastes very slippery tender, but it is little the raw ingredient of beef, because add too much saleratus,that is of pink or papaya essence cause. Still have a more natural method actually:
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