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Eat potato to must husk

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The potato such as potato, yam, taro kind food, what contain nutriment to abound, the protein that it contains and vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 is gotten higher than the apple much, content of calcic, phosphor, magnesian, Potassium is very high also, especially the content of potassium, can say to discharge the first in greengrocery. Potato kind in contain many high grade cellulose, have the effect such as precautionary constipation and cancer of prevention and cure. So, how to eat potato kind has ability eaten?

Above all, want to have the assurance of the quantity, eat potato everyday kind food (potato, sweet potato, taro) should control in 80 grams about. It is element of meat or fish has matched next, want to had matched only, can enjoying cate while, achieve the goal that carries slim figure. Eating potato kind when, want what reduce staple food accordingly to absorb, but according to potato kind with staple food 1 ~ of 3 ∶ the scale of 1 controls 4 ∶ . If eat the potato that 80 grams control everyday kind food, the likelihood conduces to reduce apoplectic risk.

To the more potato mud in snack, chips, be oxidized in machining a process, destroyed many vitamin C, make nutrient composition is reduced greatly. And to chips, easy increase adipose intake, and whether is the oily very difficult judgement of chips fresh, add repeatedly high temperature heats, generation polymer, cricoid like toxic substance odd polymer is carcinogen, want to eat less as far as possible so.  

Dietetics home points out, eat potato kind need not worry adipose and superfluous, what contain 0.1 % only because of it is adipose, it is food of all allay one's hunger in least, eat potato more everyday kind, can decrease adipose absorb, make redundant and adipose metabolize gradually.

But notable is, potato kind especially tomato patch, contain a kind to call alkaloid to pledge for toxicant, human body absorbs many alkaloid, can cause the reaction such as toxic, disgusting, diarrhoea. This kind of poisonous compound, center in potato skin more normally, accordingly when edible must flay, should cut especially clean already virescent skin. In addition, the potato that sent shoot is more poisonous, must mix bud when edible bud root is dug up, put into clear water to immerse, stew conflagration of the what is appropriate to the occasion that boil.

Additional, if pregnant woman often the potato with edible alkaloid higher content kind, save up brings about fetal deformation possibly inside body. Of course, individual difference of the person is quite big, be not everybody edible potato kind can happen unusual, but pregnant woman or with do not eat or eating potato less kind had better, do not eat long-term keep in storage, gemmiparous potato especially kind, this are gravid to be in for inchoate woman especially important.
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