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Such carbonado are not brittle

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Elated ground buys a fish to come home, open chamber to defeat abdomen, scale goes fin, preparation shows skill well before family. This moment most those who make a person depress is, the fish has not produced boiler already " die of jade of popular pass the time in a leisurely way, piscine unlike fish " . Press the measure of the edge is cooked, certainly your fish is OK " apparel orderly " the ground lies in dish:

1. Before carbonado, leave the fish boiler blast first. Be like carbonado piece, should wrap thin thin water is amylaceous, issue boiler blast again. Notice oily Wen Yi is tall when scamper should not be low.

2. The fire when carbonado shoulds not be big, soup shoulds not be much, it is advisable to spend a fish with just was being done not have. After waiting for soup to be burned, be about to convert stew of small fire cook over a slow fire, put to Shang Nong sweet when can.

3. In process of stew of cook over a slow fire, should little flip through fish. To prevent to stick boiler, can remove boiler end gently rock.

4. When cutting piscine piece, ying Shunyu pricks next knives, so piscine piece is not brittle.