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Freezer stores alimental 6 notes

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Store up and refrigerant food notes a respect 6 times:

1. Inside the freezer that hot food cannot put in operation absolutely.

2. Deposit food to had shoulded not be too full, close, should stay have space, with convection of benefit cold air, reduce unit negative charge, prolong service life, save n.

3. Food cannot be born ripe mix put together, in order to keep wholesome. Deposit requirement of time, temperature by food, reasonable use the space inside box, do not put food in evaporator directly apparently, want to be put in household utensils, lest freeze,go up in evaporator, inconvenience is taken out.

4. Fresh fish, flesh wants to be enclosed with polybag, store up in freezer compartment. Vegetable, fruit wants to wipe outside extent moisture content, put case inside most below, with 0 go up it is advisable that temperature stores up.

5. Cannot put bottled liquid beverage into freezer compartment inside, lest aspic splits packet of bottle. Should be put inside deepfreeze or on door archives, with 4 ℃ or so temperature stores up for best.

6. Freezer of the alimental that put store is unfavorable at the same time deposit chemical.

Unfavorable 5 kinds of food that put in freezer to store:

Banana: If rotate banana in the local keep in storage under 12 ℃ , meeting banana is nigrescent and cankered.

Xian Lizhi: If be Xian Lizhi in the environment of 0 ℃ ,place a day, the skin that can make namely blackens, pulp changes flavour.

Tomato: After tomato classics low temperature is refrigerant, the flesh submits bleb form character, appear soft sodden, or surface of occurrence spallation phenomenon has shading, boil not ripe, without little taste, a serious acid defeat decay.

Ham: If put ham reserve of freezer low temperature, among them moisture can freeze, adipose separate out, thigh meat agglomerates or inattentive, flavour of fleshy qualitative change, extremely easy corruption.

Chocolate: Chocolate is cold in freezer after putting, once be taken out, meet namely below room temperature condition in its exterior ties goes a Bai Shuang, extremely easy mildewy metamorphism, lose raw ingredient.

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