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How to boil the flesh can tarry is most nutrition

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The flesh kind nutriment can differ because of machining a method, loss level is different also. Braise in soy sauce and boiled in clear soup are the cook method that people prefers, but be compared and character, cook the flesh with these two kinds of methods kind with fish when, the vitamin loss in food is maximum.

Take pork give an example, after nutrition determines, we discover, among them vitamin B1 is when braise in soy sauce or boiled in clear soup, the loss can amount to 60%~65% , and the loss when evaporate or blast is made an appointment with 45% , when frying only loss 20%; vitamin B2 is made an appointment with in the loss when evaporate 85% , the loss when braise in soy sauce or boiled in clear soup is made an appointment with 40% , and the loss when frying also has 20% only.

Boiling, in stewed process, water-solubility vitamin and mineral dissolve within soup juice, if follow the edible since Shang Yi, can reduce a loss. Accordingly, evaporate, boiled flesh is reached in edible braise in soy sauce, boiled in clear soup kind when reaching fish food, ying Lianzhi takes Shang Dou to eat off.

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