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Big PK of method of 10 kinds of cook

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Dietary cook includes to heat, flavor wait for each link. "Boil " it is to notice those who cook duration is reasonable apply, "Tone " it is the good taste that allocates need of the person that suit edible.

"Boil " and " tone " it is two inseparable respects, like can correct control and use cook method, the organic character to raising food, cause appetite, promote digest absorb have main effect. Each our country areas are having diverse demand to dietary cook, because cook method is varied also, method of cooking of a few kinds of commonly used food introduces below:

Mix, this is the method of a kind of cold dish that make. Mix dish is will give birth to food or spice is added to mix after cook food has been cut divide evenly, mix food is much wait for condiment with soy, vinegar, salt, balm, gourmet powder. General component gives birth to cold dish mix (if dried shrimps mixes cucumber) mix with heat (if mix gallinaceous silk, silk) etc.

Fry, this is method of the most commonly used a kind of cook, add a few oil inside boiler namely, use flourishing firebrand oil to burn to after rolling heat, put raw material to break up fry to ripe, give boiler instantly. Because stir-fry time weak point, duration urgent, juice is little, what can maintain fresh vegetable is fragile tender with colour and lustre, and nutrient loss is less. Fry can divide make a living fry, ripe fry, soft fry etc.

Evaporate, this is heat with vapour, method of cook of evaporate hot alimental. Method of this kind of cook not only can maintain alimental fresh and tender, and the loss that also can reduce food nutrition. Food outfit adds condiment and boiling water in household utensils (or clear water) , go up evaporate Long evaporate is ripe. Evaporate makes time the property along with raw material and cook ask and differ somewhat. Evaporate dish basis is used makings is different, can divide to steam (if steam a fish) , powdery evaporate (flesh of the evaporate that be like pink) , Bao Zheng (be like chest of lotus leaf phoenix) , buckle evaporate to wait.

Smooth, cent blast is smooth, icy wait, sneak away with scamper most multi-purpose. Scamper sneaks away is the unripe foodstuff that will cut first mixes with condiment be soiled, reoccupy wet cooking starch hangs paste, put the bomb inside oily boiler ripe take out, put a few oil inside another boiler next, add green, ginger to explode boiler, put proper condiment and soup juice again, add wet cooking starch to move hoosh juice, be in Shang Zhilin just on the food with good blast, agitate divide evenly is become namely, wait like smooth chop of scamper smooth tenderloin, blast.

Boil, be in putting raw material larger water or soup juice, use flourishing fire boil first, reoccupy lukewarm fire is boiled ripe sodden. When the flesh that boil, answer to put raw meat into boiling water to boil, as a result of the flesh kind exterior protein encounters heat caky, content of the soak in broth decreases, broth little taste is thick, and fleshy flavour is delicious.
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