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How does cooking save nutrition? Teach your evaporate dish 7 words tricks of the

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Respecting Chinese meal, people often can think of a fried dish. Actually, in a variety of cooking ability laws, "Evaporate " most suffer praise highly, it is the earliest only then at China, element of culture of China chiliad cate has " without dish not evaporate " say. Learn argumentation according to Chinese cooking association and nutrition, evaporate also is the cooking pattern that can maintain nutrition of food of raw ingredient of food former juice, reservation most.

"Evaporate " , be install raw material in household utensils, heat with steam, make the cook method of the raw material maturity of mix up flavour or crisp sodden tasty. Fan Zhigong of associate professor of college of food of Chinese agriculture college says, its characteristic is the original shape that preserved dish, former juice, raw ingredient, compared with fry, the cooking method such as scamper, decoct, the fat of dish place oiliness that evaporate comes out is little, and all sorts of nutriment that can save dish greatly, more the requirement that accords with healthy diet.

Because,this is, when the fried dish, oily boiling point can amount to 300 ℃ above, can destroy nutrient part. Compare to it, the boiling point of the water in evaporate dish has 100 ℃ only, nutrient material is OK more ground reservation comes down. Consider to make clear, what evaporate dish place contains is much more phenolic kind of nurture is qualitative, the content such as the element of Mongolian oak skin that is like yellow ketone significantly prep above is other cook method. Additional, evaporate dish asks raw material is new, flavor moderate, and former juice loss is less, have pattern complete, taste is fresh and tender, ripe sodden advantage. More important is, because evaporate makes food be digested easily, suit to digest bad person edible very much.

How to make evaporate food the most healthy? Fire big, water much, time is short, it is evaporate law 7 words bid farewell.

Above all, raw material wants fresh, because of the raw material when evaporate is made medium protein dissolves not easily at water, dressing permeates raw material not easily also in, reason food quality of a material wants tender, juicily, tendons of beef resembling an ox do good thing, do not suit evaporate.

Next, can make before evaporate is made raw material tasty, macerate adds the time of flavour to want to grow, and the dressing that cannot weigh with bitter taste, can restrain the little taste of raw material itself otherwise. Perhaps add Gorgon euryale juice after evaporate is ripe, gorgon euryale juice wants salty weak appropriate, cannot too thick.

Again, boiling water of the fire that use flourishing fast evaporate, apply to qualitative tender raw material, wait like fish, greengrocery, time is controlled for 15 minutes. Thick to quality of a material old, requirement evaporate crisp sodden raw material, should use flourishing fire boiling water long evaporate, wait like flesh of evaporate of sweet crisp duck, pink. The dish with fresh and tender raw material, like the egg kind etc should use medium baking temperature, small internal heat slowly evaporate.
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