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Stew a delicate porky 3 great secret of success

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Pork has nutrition to abound with delicate characteristic, it is the good raw material of cooking. Do dish of good the daily life of a family to stew porky hang, basically have the following at 3 o'clock.

1, fleshy piece should be cut some more greatly. Contain inside pork but dissolve at water present the fresh material that contain nitrogen, when the pork that stew commentate piece more, broth flavour is thicker, the fragrance of fleshy piece can be decreased relatively weak, the flesh because of this stew piece cut so that want somes big properer, fresh material presents in order to decrease inside the flesh outside ease, such fleshy flavour can compare small flesh delicious.

2, do not boil suddenly with flourishing fire. Because be fleshy piece encounters quick high fever, flesh fiber hardens, fleshy piece boils sodden; not easily 2 it is the hydrosphere when material can follow the scent in the flesh to be boiled suddenly evaporates, make fragrance decreases.

3, stewing in boiling, add water less, in order to make soup juice flavor full-bodied.