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Cook should use boiled water or cold water?

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Evaporate meal cooks is to clean out rice hind to put cold water to be burned again, this already was common thing, but in fact, right way should be heat water first, will cook with boiled water. So, what is the profit that such doing?

1. Boiled water cooks can shorten evaporate cooks time, protect meter of medium vitamin. As a result of amylaceous grain not dissolve at cold water, water is only warm in 60 ℃ above, amylaceous ability is met imbibe expands, burst, become mushy.
Rice contains a large number of starch, when cooking with boiled water, temperature is 100 ℃ about (the boiling point) of water, such temperature can make rice fast and squashy, shorten cook time, because high temperature heats and be destroyed for long,prevent meter of medium vitamin.
2. Heat water can make among them chlorine volatilizes, avoid to destroy vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is the most important nutrition part in rice, its are main the function is to adjust the metabolization of the saccharide inside body, if lack it, neurological meeting is affected, easy generation exhaustion, inappetence, limb ache of lack of power, muscle, beriberi, bloated, rhythm of the heart is disorder, stubborn the symptom such as sexual insomnia. And the course adds chloric disinfection the tap water that we use at ordinary times, if use this kind of water to cook directly, the chloric meeting in water destroys meter of medium vitamin B1 in great quantities. Cook with the water that heats, chloric already volatilized along with vapor more, reduced vitamin B1 etc greatly the loss of vitamin of B a group of things with common features.