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Salt is optimal opportunity: Have before boiler 5 seconds

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Recently, hangzhou city disease accused a center to publish the investigation data 2007, data makes clear, the iodic salt that Hangzhou citizen place has arrives from treatment edible, percent of pass all is in 98% above, control of strumous old rate is in 5% the following. But also discover in monitor, on the low side of iodic content of partial pregnant woman, children, concerned expert offers specific aim proposal.

Iodic content on the low side has a reason inside partial pregnant woman and lactation woman body, they are in physiology special period, meet to the demand of iodic element greatly prep above someone else group.

The pregnant woman that diagnose lacks iodine and wet nurse should coach in the doctor next science fill iodic, adjust cookbook, photograph more eat the food with the high volume that contain iodine, wait for sea product like kelp, laver, bright hairtail, blood clam doing, dried scallop, mussel, holothurian, jellyfish, langouste. The proposal is gravid at the same time woman especially the pregnant woman with gravid more serious response, on the foundation of edible iodic salt, undertake iodic nutrition detects regularly.

Use iodine salt should be followed eat along with buy, once seal off,should want to be put in last working procedure, add inside before removing boiler to fill dish namely a few seconds iodic salt is used when putting salt; not to fry pickles of souse of iodic salt; with oil, do not want pan iodic salt, can avoid iodic volatilization and loss.