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What should different method of the fish notice

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Piscine practice is very much, every kinds of practice has certain skill, do you understand? Will quickly look!

1, decoct fish prevents stick boiler: A salt is spilled again after oil is being put in the boiler that can burning heat, also can brush boiler with ginger after clean boiler, but often do not flip through when decoct fish, after till the fish is in boiler,decoct is appeared, flip through again.

2, carbonado prevents the flesh to break: Before fish of braise in soy sauce must be being burned, go ahead of the rest shows piscine fry in shallow oil in boiler, oil is lukewarm want tall. The soup when carbonado is unfavorable and overmuch, had done not have a fish to be with water commonly degree. Flip through the shovel that the fish uses does not want too sharp, crumb in case cruelly oppress.

3, go coup of piscine raw meat or fish: When somebody likes carbonado, leave ginger and fish together boiler, think such but purify fish raw meat or fish. Actually otherwise, put ginger prematurely to cannot have the effect of the fishy smell of purify fish. Because put the protein meeting that ginger makes fluid of piscine body soak medium early,this is of block up ginger go effect of raw meat or fish. Can boil the fish a little while in boiler first, wait for ginger is put again after protein is caky, also can be in carbonado soup when join right amount milk or rice vinegar or cooking wine, achieve likewise go the effect of raw meat or fish.

4, evaporate fish uses boiled water: Heat the water inside boiler first when evaporate fish, put the fish in salver to lie between water steam next, avoid by all means uses cold water steam, because the fish is in,this is dash forward when encountering high temperature, exterior organization is caky, can chain in-house delicacy juice. Oil of a few chicken had better be put on piscine body before evaporate or lardy, can make cruelly oppress more slippery tender.

5, aspic fish puts a grandma to burn: The fish is put for long when be taken in freezer, can put some of bright grandma to add bright flavor of the fish in soup appropriately. After the fish is taken out from freezer, put in buy to have the defrost in the container of a few salt first, the purpose encounters salt to meet in the protein in aspic cruelly oppress slowly caky, prevent to its spill over from inside the cell further and lose nutrition.