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High-pressured boiler cooks how to to stick boiler

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High-pressured boiler cooks look be like simple, want to accomplish do not stick boiler, still knowledge is in inside.

Method one
Cook rice with high-pressured boiler, stick boiler easily. I already was found now settle way. Rice is done ripe hind, boiler memory has a large number of vapour. If let these vapour be given off naturally slowly, take off pressure limiting valve again, open boiler to build, rice won't stick boiler. If rapid move wants to have a meal, differ vapour nature is put unplug pressure limiting valve lets steam at a draught entire in season comes out, open boiler to build instantly right now (attention: Must wait for vapour to give ability to open boiler to build, cause explosion easily otherwise. ) , can a rice is stuck in boiler bottom, shovel very hard. After wanting to filling first time meal only so, build boiler shell again severe, do not add pressure limiting valve, wait for boiler is opened to build again when filling a meal, the rice that is stuck in boiler bottom was dropped with respect to very easy shovel.

Method 2
I cook with pressure cooker have 20 years of histories, otherwise sticks boiler bottom to say very simple: Do not add a powerful person first, after developing a heat plus a powerful person, wait phonic instantly flameout, after waiting for pressure to disappear can boil edible, save fire not to stick boiler bottom again already, with fire proper do not have even rice crust. Have needed an attention at 2 o'clock: It is the property according to rice, water should be added appropriately, meal bead is soft hard measurable; 2 be power of boiler internal pressure should be retained after flameout, do not be eager to deflate and compulsive refrigeration. Accordingly, food is made after had better cooking first, food became good the meal also was gotten.

Method 3
Cook the rice of 3 two people with a few meters, almost the half is stuck on boiler, I ever had hurt head for this. Classics practice, find simple method: Rice does pressure cooker of ripe wheeler admiral to sit in the cool birdbath with good precondition, 3 seconds of two end go out can.