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Small hang of fried dish of 12 the daily life of a family

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How do some dish copy cookbook flavour is frame-up, may be you did not use the skill below extremely.

   Scramble eggEnter egg knock the basin in, add touch warm water mix is even, enter oily boiler again. When frying, go to wine of a few of the drop in oily boiler, fry the egg that come out so fleeciness, fresh and tender and goluptious.

  Fry shelled fresh shrimpsPut shrimp meat the bowl inside, add starch of refined salt, edible by shelled fresh shrimps of every 250 G each 1 G, after catching rub gently a little while with handle gently, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. Fry the shrimp meat that give transparent like crystal, bright is tender and goluptious.

   Fry bright shrimpBefore the shrimp that fry delicacy, the boiling water of cassia bark of the dip that use bubble is ironed, fry the shrimp that come out so flavour is more delicious.

   Fry scalloped pork or lamb kidneysAfter scalloped pork or lamb kidneys has been cut, add touch from vinegar, soggy 10 minutes, scalloped pork or lamb kidneys can deliver the big, water that do not have blood, fry ripe hind white tastily.

   Fry pork liverBit of borax and white vinegar floodwater on low-lying land can be used before frying, reoccupy clear water is abluent, because borax can make pork liver fragile bright, white vinegar can make pork liver not ooze blood water, fry ripe hind, the mouthfeel of pork liver is particularly good.

  Fry pig cutletPut the sliced meat that has cut in strainer, in the rock in boiled water a few, when waiting for cutlet to become angry, scoop, drop goes moisture, issue boiler to fry again next, need only 3, 4 minutes can ripe, and fresh and tender and goluptious.

   Fry bovine cutletBefore frying, move beer and flour first rare, drench go up in bovine cutlet, bloat 30 minutes after agitate divide evenly, beer can make protein is decomposed, the delicacy that can increase beef is spent.

  Fry bean sproutsBean sprouts is fresh and tender, the speed when frying wants fast, break unripe can. But tender bean sprouts often has acerbity taste, if a bit vinegar is put when fry, already can eliminate acerbity flavour, can maintain bean sprouts bright again fragile fresh and tender.

   Fry onion: Stick the onion that has cut above pink, reentry boiler is fried, fry the onion colour and lustre that go out so golden, quality of a material is fragile delicate and tender, goluptious. When frying onion, add a few white wine, fry not easily anxious.

   Fry green pepperWant urgent fire to be fried quickly. A few refined salt, gourmet powder, vinegar is added when frying, boil is fried a few times, give boiler to be become namely.
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