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Cooking potato has key

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It is dish of the daily life of a family tomato patch, it is the vegetable of in a popular style that our country people loves, use it to be able to make a lot of cooked food, what should notice when cook potato?

1, when doing potato dish to husk, should ream is thin a thin, because potato is hypodermic,the juice of the face has rich protein. Went if leather potato is not burned immediately boil, should dip is in cold water, lest nigrescent, but cannot immerse too long, lest make among them nutrition becomes; of share prediction of a person's luck in a given year

2, should boil with slow fire tomato patch burn, ability is even the ground is familiar sodden, if urgent fire is boiled,burn, can make outer ripe sodden even craze, unripe; is however inside

3, the stain that deposits long potato surface to often have blue cyan, when distributing food not beautiful. If some of vinegar is put in the water of the potato that boil (every kilogram potato puts one spoon) , stain can disappear;

4, opaque potato is boiled sodden, although take a skin,boil keep hard also complete. If be used at cold mix or become potato man, can add in the water of the potato that boil some bloat the brine of dish or vinegar, complete; can maintain after be being boiled tomato patch

5, the potato of flay should be deposited in cold water, add a few vinegar to the middle of water again, can make do not become angry tomato patch;

6, in putting new potato into hot water, immerse, in reentry cold water, very easy expurgation is cortical. Can use boil to boil.