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9 dragon fast shows blank to exhibit tradition and be in harmony of modern cultu

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"Blank " , it is good-tempered, it is a space, it is daydream, it is to long for, it is the experiences in maximum time process in life. People needs " blank " with mutual respect, need is blank and people is kind accumulate thin hair, people needs blank to breathe freely, people need is blank with rehabilitate... " blank " either overthrow everything inherent, the new beginning after precipitating however. Perhaps be " blank " drag in is worn bottom of the heart of too much people all the time some kind of sincere feeling since, just make the 2008 BQ that held recently blank exhibit got an artist, star, manufacturer, popular pays close attention to extensively and take an active part in, give oneself to be opposite with different formal expression in succession " blank " understanding and explanation. In the spot that blank exhibits, not only it is a variety of Xin Rui work of art give the public in order to touch, traditional culture of China also is affecting everyone stealthily with his glamour. Star deduces tradition and contemporary amorous feelings Ha Hui of classic elegant happy singer with a suit vogue contracted the attire that is full of Chinese classic lasting appeal again was revealed to the masses " blank " , classic the perfect union with vogue. She still expresses, when create and be being sung, also need measurable " stay white " , ability expresses the intention of song better, make its aftertaste boundless. The Jiang Qin that the whole body all catchs Chinese classic temperament is diligent, wear the dress that traditional element and stylish photograph interweave, fine narrate it is as the volunteer in process of plain of short of Wenshui River providing disaster relief, interact with children a variety of, sending out the goodness of in one's heart.
Ha Hui is traditional and contemporary collect at a suit
Classic belle Jiang is diligent
9 dragon fast joins the tradition first degrees perform halfback art Blank is exhibited in, the artist smile chitchat of fashionable crowd of China and new York, the royalty that palace secret recipe comes from in the hand is daily plum juice of 9 dragon fast and foreign wine of of all kinds make sanitarian drink photograph reflect, the tonal collocation of red yellow Bai Hei, form a tradition and contemporary blending picture, 9 dragon fast participates in halfback art activity first as traditional brand, become " blank " the one big hotspot that exhibit. 9 dragon fast participates in blank this to exhibit, also be a hope can the blood oneself brand tradition, contemporary view delivers people. Brand of 9 dragon fast results from clear generation, by the United States praise for " Kyoto the first plum juice " , it is the one name of Beijing widely known, have powerful traditional culture charm. The brand advocates " solve at any time fat " , also agreeing with the life demand of modern people.
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