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Star justice pats big move of commonweal of relieve the people in disaster of mo

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Beijing TV station " daily entertainment sows a newspaper " of the column " the capital performs commonweal of art bound relieve the people in disaster to act greatly " series activity, the 7th of the activity will walk into an enterprise first on May 23, garrisoned the production base of plum juice of 9 dragon fast. This activity with the kind that star justice takes, continue to raise money for disaster area people money of be apt to. 6 small age child, Li Xiang, Deng Chao, You Hao like that, the star such as plum, Yang Tingting participates in this activity, the article that has a sense alone to oneself undertakes auctioning, answer ardently what won staff of company of beverage of 9 dragon fast, everybody in succession bend bursa is all, make this activity is become end a the effect in activity of series of commonweal big move is at present best. Every participate in mobile people, right hand arm strung representing " await you to come back in safety " yellow is lacy, hearts fluorescence club is twinkling in the hand cordial light, was in the brethren of everybody's heart and disaster area closely one case repeatedly. The delegate of company of beverage of 9 dragon fast, the consideration to disaster area people was conveyed in the speech of begin, and provide disaster relief in forefront to struggling the great respect of people, state 9 dragon fast regards traditional drink as the delegate of the enterprise, be together with disaster area people from beginning to end, the hope can carry an activity, exhaust oneself scanty power to disaster area people. Whole justice take an activity, between star and staff of 9 dragon room in interacting, be pushed by to the climax. The actor Deng that a lot of young employee like exceeds, not only shared the unforgettable segment that regards relieve the people in disaster as experience of justice work place with everybody, touch to support the anonymous hero place of job providing disaster relief silently, still contribute piece accompany oneself old waterproof camera to attend justice pat, the hope can make get its person, canThe more below the record is anonymous flower bad figure. Finally, deng Chao still dedicates a song " grown today " , take round of climax of a spot. The club issues the hearts fluorescence with the jolty in hand of staff of 9 dragon room atmosphere of whole activity, warm and moving regard an activity as this the honored guest and not be the Li Xiang that appears with compere identity, justice there is a Suzhou embroidery in sending goods, design of green hill green water caused Li Xiang and everybody to be opposite stricken be hit by a natural adversity area originally the memory of elegant scene, caused Li Xiang to be opposite more of those disaster area children miss. Should tell those at ordinary times in the disaster area child that also is like a beloved daughter, face the disaster of arise suddenly, having one however what be brought up between night is tough, hunan Hunan tear emerges like the spring, employee of present 9 dragon fast also is the tear that shed feel sad. Final Suzhou embroidery is patted with 5000 yuan 30 thousand by a of 9 dragon fast employee as child mother. Li Xiang does not have very high economy actual strength for staff of 9 dragon room, agree to spend however such exert oneself for disaster area people with great quantity place is touched deeply, donate a money of 1000 yuan of 5 20 thousand be apt to again on the spot, promote the activity to another climax. The star of the others also takes out the article that cherishs at ordinary times to undertake auctioning severally, the goods that place justice sends above 10 thousand yuan high price is patted by 9 Long Zhai's employee. Finally, the activity is in numerous star " let the world be full of love " the heavy curtain below song decline. The enthusiasm that passes staff of 9 dragon room is participated in, the activity is final money of procuration be apt to 225600 yuan, same meeting stocks the money of be apt to of this activity entirely " daily entertainment sows newspaper love fund " , use at helping 5.12 short of Wenshui River plain the people with earth stricken epicenter.
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