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"The brigade of series of cate beautiful scenery " for Guilin travel adds new wi

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"The brigade of series of cate beautiful scenery " for Guilin travel adds new window

Advocate an organization actively what in Guilin city tourism bureau leads to fall, association of cooking of meal of You Guilin city and forest the unit plan paralell connection such as association of town home travel agent joins the force that rolled out Guilin travel cate. On June 29 morning, be in center of conference of international of restaurant of Guilin banyan lake, held Guilin the ceremony sending a car of the force line that first cate travels. The famous wine shop of city of association of travel agent of home of town of association of cooking of meal of city of bureau of tourism of Guilin government, city, Guilin, Guilin, Guilin, guesthouse, travel agent and each news media in all the activity that 100 more than person entered to send Che Yi form. A hair car of the brigade that cate travels, in the firework that flutters in, more than 10 car is wrapping around to indicate jointly, vast and mighty to destination set out.
The brigade activity of Guilin travel cate, it is the different travel circuitry that the local customs that with Guilin city periphery each county differs, different food characteristic and meal culture photograph are united in wedlock and rolls out. The activity is swim with a day give priority to. Show initial program to have face laurel -- Long Sheng -- the brigade of the Linquanshanzhen of resource; Spirit plain -- promote how -- entire administrative division -- the traditional and humanitarian brigade of fill this world; Always blessing -- respectful city -- the brigade with the cate nourishing preserve one's health of Li riverside; Yang Shuo -- the brigade of cate of characteristic of landscape of calm happy scene. First circuitry of this second activity is river head continent Gu Cun -- green lion pool. the village of the descendant that head continent ancient village is Zhou Duiyi of our country well-known writer, philosopher, also be famous " talent village " , " village of honest and upright official " , civilian house of primitive simplicity is elegant. Fill quite via latter burning incense in road " golden hill temple " , consequently play calls everybody visit is touch " literary talent " and touch " good luck " , and but the travel activity of full the luck to eat sth delicious. Motorcade personnel is in midday the fair repast of green lion pool. Abundant water period lubricious luxuriantly green of hill of reservoir of green lion pool, lake range is wide, make cleanse of popular feeling bosom uses up dust. And the earthy flavour of green lion pool: Bullhead of the earthy chicken that is like fresh and tender faint scent, whitebait, reservoir, bamboo shoot, wild bacterium... more the value is long the National People's Congress that occupies a town is fast a cheek, extremely. This second " the brigade that cate travels " activity, it is the originality attempt that industry of our city meal and travel industry are aimed at Guilin travel vicissitude of the market to undertake, also be bold exploration when have Guilin cate and travel line combinative effectively. Because, be opposite as the citizen " the golden week " the thermalization that leisure travels, and drive oneself of go on a journey increasingly be current, it is right especially short distance is changed, the rurality that countryside is changed and farmhouse changes is recreational mobile demand, already made a when develop urgently on market of our city travel new window in recent years. For this, produce our city and departmental cate and travel resource advantage adequately, boldly exploration and development suit broad citizen to consume demand, have activity of novel project of short line travel, this can be the travel company of the our city and meal enterprise to create new business chance not only, the meal course of study that also can be Guilin surely and tourism implementation double can last what win photograph couple development brings new opportunity. In the meantime, add the effectively couple of cate through beautiful scenery, the resource of special local product that rolls out each county actively to differ and the short distance of local customs are recreational swim, happy with farmhouse form is main carrier, this can abound the travel project activity of Guilin city already, and walk out of zonule to each county countryside, construction new rural area will have greatly benefit and promote.
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