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Spirits of sugar of 2008 whole nations, beverage and edible oil (Wen Zhou) Fair

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Approve an unit: Federation of Chinese light industry sponsors an orgnaization: Chinese wine kind China of total chamber of commerce of city of Wen Zhou of commission of trade of economy of lukewarm state of center of information of light industry of current association China double be filled with a group to undertake unit: Wen Zhou double be filled with international to exhibit limited company assist do an orgnaization: Wen Zhou of oily head office of grain of lukewarm city of chamber of commerce of lukewarm city beverage double be filled with media of of foreign trade limited company to support: Business of Wen Zhou of Metropolis Daily of lukewarm city of evening paper of lukewarm city of lukewarm city daily signs up for lukewarm city TV station " Chinese wine " " new meal " " wine world " " Wen Zhousheng lives " " Wen Zhou 瞭 looks " " Chinese beverage " " wine: Line of business of wine of international of course of study limited company France Custer wine line of business limited company To whom it may concern 2008, course of study of moral of food and drink of our country candy will still maintain the momentum of stability, rapid growth, the growth rate of sales revenue and profit total will continue to maintain in 10% above. Wen Zhou regards Chinese market as economic birthplace, have the market creativity with accepted all over the world and consumptive power. 2008 first quarter, wine of lukewarm state whole city kind, food volume market and consumable turnover growth are quickened, the consumable total volume of retail sales such as spirits of sugar of whole town implementation twenty-four billion nine hundred and seventy-five million yuan. Visible, wen Zhou regards the whole nation as wine kind area of food height consumption has nice area advantage and resource advantage. Enter the development candy wine with postpone business better, beverage and edible oil market for assistance, 2008 wine of center of information of Chinese light industry, China kind total chamber of commerce of city of commission of trade of economy of current association, Wen Zhou, Wen Zhou and China double be filled with a group to sponsor combination, with " communication cooperates, promotion brand, green consumption, enlarge commerce channel " give priority to a problem " spirits of sugar of 2008 whole nations, beverage and edible oil (Wen Zhou) Fair " . Exhibit meeting general this on October 31 - in Wen Zhou the international exhibition center will be held ceremoniously on November 2. Current extend market of estate of wine of sugar of meeting general assemble famous brand of of all kinds and newest product, breed and country, give priority to in order to highlight commercial trade, demand of business of press close to, hand in hand association of each big media, industry and purchase business, build a whole nation's most professional sugar wine business to trade platform. We believe, on this platform, you can search first-rate collaboration means and commercial chance, forcibly occupy home's larger market share! Here, we invite cordially and expect colleague of domestic and international all circles enthusiasticly to arrive at current exhibition. We expect to assist in all with you a grand occasion!
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