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The plan of the circular economy with manorial zoology: It is in order to protec

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On July 14, of Beijing hind tourist attraction of garden prosperous Ping Youtian -- 100 fruit are manorial, give priority to a problem with zoology, natural, health high-key the field of vision that entered people. Xiaoshang hill of Beijing of office of field of 100 fruit place of business arranges Sha Lu 18 kilometers place, underground is dragon arteries and veins " hot spring " , water of annulus of the booth inside garden is circled, green plant phase is embraced, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, opened garden to attracted large quantities of tourists to head for that day. Manorial the zoology dining room that has distinguishing feature alone sets off one another between 100 mus of orchards, the hall is capacious and bright, hall core circles water shade chute, all round table line of green plant phase, air is cool and humid, two draw near water and the booth Ge Xiu that build enrages of primitive simplicity; A thatched cottage, let a person as if passed through the history. The staff member tells a reporter, dining-room has 19 packages, can recieve 500 people repast at the same time. Agriculture products of area of country of little boiling water is very rich, among them Yan Shangong chestnut, hind the go smoothly of renown actor fruit such as yellow apricot of hill of place of business of persimmon of millstones of Shan Xiaozao of pear of Bai Hujian parts in Beijing opera spoken in Beijing dialect, Xi Feng, the Ming Tombs, fruit praise capital, celebrated China and foreign countries, apple of labour cane Fuji by countrywide fruit current association coronal with " China name fruit " title. 100 fruit are manorial because be located in " dragon arteries and veins " alimentary place, fruit is sterling, flavour pleasant is sweet, the fruit vegetables that all has fresh, free from contamination all the year round is picked, get a name consequently " 100 fruit are manorial " . Manorial construction at the beginning of, architect Mr Yao firm put forward: Transform an environment, cannot destroy an environment; Make the Holy land, cannot the catchword of botch environment. So manorial construction was not eager to 100 fruit hope for success, leave great merit husband in pair of environments however transform on: Establish grass grows tree, clear silt to build an island, pave a road bridge... Mr Yao Gang thinks, zoology can last manorially development relies on favorable zoology environment finally. Be based on this, the development with 100 manorial fruit, act on principle of first of natural zoology environment first and last. On the construction with 100 manorial fruit, dare not have the least bit opportunistic, every time break ground is very cautious, for fear that has the least bit accident. Nowadays, in all cultivated 3000 plant plant, the investment that early days transforms to the environment occupied the 70% above of manorial total investment, make manorial draped a new green clothes. "Below the Dong Li that collect chrysanthemum, see carefreely south hill " . Pastoral admire for common people place all the time, here, hear the news of crow and rise, sniff faint scent of vegetables and fruits and wash one's hair, all show Tao Qian " low-key " with " costly " . Small Shang Shan is full-bodied China the gas of monarch of 600 years, because have hot spring, the Long Yuzhi after emperor of Gu Weiming Qing Dynasty is in, go vacationing for Beijing outskirt today the ground of first selection. Distinctive rich, brought up favorable zoology environment, vegetation sort is diversiform, hill green water is beautiful, air is fresh, condition of water natural resources is good, water quality is good wait for a characteristic. 2005, small Shang Shan because the heat of the earth's interior is resourceful, name the 4th by federation of Chinese land mine " the countryside of Chinese hot spring " . Nowadays, as the 100 fruit that hide at remote mountains manorial show at the world, beautiful " the countryside of hot spring " the window that added common people of a welcome again.

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