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9 dragon fast gives drink activity 100 times to pull open heavy curtain

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The near future, be known as Kyoto the open of plum juice of 9 dragon fast of the first plum juice advocate " enjoy healthy life, from solution fat begin " large series commonweal gives drink the activity. The activity is in Xin Hengji, roc embellish, with edifice of tall, initiate, ambitious center well-known office building of 5 Beijing CBD is pulled open prelusive, can be in Beijing in succession each capital is held in the building, total dimensions will amount to 100, also became the office building with the oldest dimensions of Olympic Games eve to give drink the activity.
The activity caused intense echo in the white-collar, white-collars express to be in in succession obtain water while, what understanding is fat model constitution, bring about fat model constitutional reason and how to solve fat wait for a series of healthy knowledge, this one healthy drink had plum juice of fat to can be being solved at any time 9 dragon fast deep-felt experience.
Chief expresses related 9 dragon fast, as a result of white-collars' special work way of life, bring about " fat model constitution " the catholicity that in becoming a white-collar, nots allow to ignore inferior healthy problem. The building makes the CBD5 capital that 9 dragon fast chooses a white-collar to gather make one's rounds is exhibited, should arouse white-collars namely to oneself inferior of health take seriously, advocate healthy lifestyle, change thereby " fat model constitution " , have a good body.
Alleged and fat model constitution, it is to point to fat kind, protein is absorbed superfluous inside the put oneself in another's position that reachs metabolization to use up inadequacy to bring fat deposit. It causes the body to be in easily inferior healthy acidity constitution position, bring about tall blood fat, fatty liver, fat wait for a series of disease, white-collars are more fat model the constitution basically has 2 respects reason: It is intercourse dinner party much, food is too fat; 2 it is to work overtime much, movement is little. As healthy consciousness rise, white-collars also realise gradually " fat model constitution " the harm to oneself, "Fat model constitutional network checks a problem " , " fitness is wet " , " maigre wind " wait for the fat health inside purify oneself body the activity is in the white-collar increasingly popular.
In make one's rounds exhibits office building of 9 dragon fast in the activity, white-collars understand a kind to go newly again fat method----Drink plum juice. Because plum juice is to use the completely natural raw material such as Wu Mei, hawkthorn, rock candy, mineral water to boil,make, not a variety of microelement that contain human body place to need, amino acid, saturated fatty acid and prandial fiber, in compensatory nutrition while also go besides the stockpile in intestines and stomach fat. And do not see plum juice smell is sweet in have sick at heart, it is pure basic provision however, constant drink plum juice still can mediate the soda acid inside body is worth, acidity to the change constitution has profit greatly. So since ancient times the emperor goes with plum juice as drink of daily health care health care of oily solution be bored with, preserve one's health. The recipe of plum juice of 9 dragon fast is acting palace of out Qing Dynasty, have all the time " Kyoto the first plum juice " beautiful praise.
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