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Feed Shang Bamin, elite contend for hegemony

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Feed Shang Bamin, elite contend for hegemony! -- " civilian day " cup dish of first China Fujian (Fuzhou) elite chef contend for hegemony surpasses contest shortly In recent years, as dish of another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan dish, plain dish the bitter fleabane break out of dish of of all kinds even characteristic is exhibited, to giving priority to body with Fuzhou dish " Fujian dish " produced bigger impact and effect. If why Fujian dish goes up in the foundation that holds to oneself characteristic, emancipatory thought, innovation is begged change, let a hundred flowers blossom, satisfy the dietary requirement that the citizen raises increasingly? To develop the drive of Fujian dish confluence, communication, creation, returning Fujian dish is brilliant, make make the important window that develops business of Fujian of whole world of Fuzhou town drive, connection and tie, bureau of development of trade of the Fuzhou City and association of Fujian Province cooking came to sponsorred course of first China Fujian jointly in Fuzhou on December 31, 2008 on August 28, 2008 (Fuzhou) contest of elite chef contend for hegemony. Dish of first China Fujian (Fuzhou) contest of elite chef contend for hegemony is intermediary with food, it is a root with culture, in order to promote Fujian dish culture, brand of promotion Fujian dish is guiding ideology, in order to promote culture of Fujian dish cate, reveal Fuzhou -- the brand glamour of the source of Fujian dish is a purpose, with practical it is dominant with demand, hold to " famous division, go out to be tasted newly, piece classical " principle, show the new scene of dish of new level, new Fujian, new Fuzhou adequately. Introduce according to contest organizing committee, there is annals to be able to land of contest government website to understand a contest to sign up at joining the player of the match or company since July 17, participate wait for detailed mobile introduction, the hotline 0591-87592557 that also can debut through secretariat of contest organizing committee signs up, sign up end time is on August 15, 2008. It is reported, the contest of this second contest makes cent be surpassed for the qualification, be seleted contest, promotion contest, set award of gold, silver-colored, copper, return in gold prize player at the same time will give a coronal definitely, inferior, Ji Jun 3 armour. At the appointed time, the elite of hundreds hutch bound that comes from complete province will assemble in banyan city, a large number of heroes chases the deer-fight for the throne, ask vessel gold spoon! Contest the corresponding period still will be held a series of project of activity of form a complete set, in " Fujian dish culture is classical review conduct propaganda " in the activity, will develop Fujian dish culture classical reviewing, dish of Fujian of characteristic of dish of the Fujian that criticize an aspect, aftertaste is classical, drive the people to be spent to the attention of Fujian dish culture with this; In " dish of 10 big gold chooses innovation Fujian course " in the activity, will interact through deadbeat evaluation of voting union expert, choose innovation Fujian course finally dish of 10 big gold, give a shop sign by the organizing committee and to recommend through media people. "Man of the time of Fujian dish meal and enterprise of meal of 10 big star choose an activity " will poll publicly through broad citizen recommend the way that ties with expert evaluation, selection year is provided most representative the meal company that likes most in the meal man of the time with consequence and consumer heart. "Activity of temple fair of cate of Fujian dish culture " will be in in continent island is held, the influential constituent Fuzhou meal wineshop when the bound, hotel reveals Fujian dish centrally dot of dish of dish of name of 3 old school, high-quality goods of each district characteristic and banquet; Still will make up during the contest write " feed Shang Bamin " an album of paintings of series of culture of large Fujian dish, this an album of paintings will reflect Fujian meal market in the round newest appearance and characteristic of local food culture, mix through culture, traditional, old name, brand, characteristic eat block of the festival that come out, cate to wait, stereo introductory Fuzhou " eat " rich and generous content, have a capacity big, grade is Fuzhou of tall, conduct propaganda, directive characteristic and the action such as consumption. Head collect only book " feed in Fuzhou " will in January 2009 head hair.
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