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China contest of cooking of international of the 2nd local greens

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About holding "China contest of cooking of international of the 2nd local greens " Mobile announcement Enterprise of courtyard of each meal course of study, wine shop, hotel, restaurant, farmhouse and hutch division commander, chef, cooking likes worker: China food culture is of long standing and well established, broad and profound, via run in the family, chinese cooking with excellent craft, first essence of life is wonderful. The development of Chinese cooking, get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, cannot leave each nation, each district from beginning to end " local greens " (include agrestic and fastfood) be these folk " local greens " the wisdom that passes past dynasties working people is perfect, just form dish of name of our country place gradually, alleged " local greens " it is to be inside certain zone namely, use the products with this locality peculiar place, cook the civilian food that has bright and agrestic characteristic, it is the fountainhead of Chinese dish, raise in water, the long the world in earth is all fed material to be not broken away from " agrestic " two words, of wing of bird's nest Bao form and develop to also be built go up in agrestic foundation, can say " local greens " no matter was in the past, still be now, or it is in the future, have the place with reach its important in the dietary life of people. In current society, had promoted for a kind of culture and vogue. People is in advocate natural, while the hope can return to nature, infatuate also at nature this flavour, nutrition and health. Accordingly the food of those agrestic folk-custom lives, also became the life form that urbanite place yearns for. If begin from here, the dish dot of meal bound is innovation train of thought with this, also can yet be regarded as expands one kind direction. Local greens guileless is delicate, hotel, restaurant or farmhouse courtyard chef should open train of thought, relax horizon, the total hutch of a lot of big public houses thinks local greens and concern of high-grade hotel estate are not big, this is an error, also be the misunderstanding on the idea, agrestic raw material also has high-grade and distinctive, no matter be feudal official dish, palace dish, Home Tan dish,will tell on firm sense is the category of local greens, will local greens introduces transplanting, mutual communication, its fine do, the civilian agrestic course that has not develop those especially, expect through be being chosen seriously, machine meticulously, hold duration, the tunnel flavors, make its true dash forward those who show dish " raw ingredient is ecru " come, will surely attract large quantities of visitors so. Let a client produce a kind to be in country the feeling of field, the feeling on a kind of spirit. Fulfil the State Council for effective ground about " develop new rural area, build new rural area " make people rich rise this one good policy, our chef bound should turn the local speciality deep development of the farmer, deep treatment into the cate on table. "Local greens king " Mr. Chen Xurong initiates China contest of cooking of international of the 2nd local greens, it is for culture of food of grand raise China, deepen two sides 4 ground (inland of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, mainland) the efficient platform that the friendship between chef brethren and the businessman compose that enlarge the influence of local greens to be local speciality of domestic and international distribute at the same time build image of brand of company of a promotion. This second contest dimensions big, media is much, in domestic and international consequence extremely strong, contest with " inheritance is agrestic cate culture, show new group high-quality goods of hutch art cooking " for the theme. Advocate " green, healthy, nutrition, innovation " science consumes new concept, will strengthen the communication of industry of domestic and international meal and cooperation, promote industry industrialization process. The item of athletics of large cate cooking that holds this, in cover a range domestic and internationally very extensive, influence is far-reaching and tremendous, take part in the match player all is to come from domestic and international each district the hutch of top class name of chef of famous meal enterprise, folk and hotel, the contest still invited group of each big media, Red Cross, meal star of home of celebrity of expert of expert of famous Great Master, hotel administration, epicure, nutrition, all circles, painting and calligraphy, hutch art, it is the activity with extraordinary sense. This second activity requirement is all work: Model beautiful, delicious, natural, nutrition, healthy, wholesome. Ensure below open, fair, just principle contest consummation! Inform concerned item as follows now: Classics organizing committee considers to decide, will hold what came 19 days on November 17, 2008 jointly with expensive unit " China contest of cooking of international of the 2nd local greens, local greens research develops China height forum " , " forum of meal management height " , course of absolutely live show, master tastes calligraphy and painting of site of home of performance, painting and calligraphy performance, medium show a series of activities such as love (relevant matters concerned is reached consistent) , pay close attention to please at the same time!
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