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Food items found room to bring Chou Dajiang discount room tasting French cuis

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As the saying goes, unity is strength! SouFun and Red International in the second strong hand in hand, in this Saturday (Nov. 20) international project marketing center at the Red Star site food festival held in France, then, where you can enjoy a variety of delicious foods from France, also have the opportunity to participate in drawing the scene interludes, and the opportunity to purchase access to valuable gift voucher! Following the success of the International Red Star Thai style, Italian style, customs and other food activities in Korea again after the grand launch of this French style cuisine activities. It is reported that the content of this activity to exotic countries and the United States Food Kam fun based activities, so that customers enjoy the experience activities through the high quality of life items, and speaking through on-site sales model to enhance and display, to enhance recognition of the project. ★ ★ Star International Food Festival launched large-scale promotions site! Food products, Chou Dajiang, buy discount room ★ ★ November 20 9:00 am the day, you just go to Red Star International project sales center, you can taste delicious exotic addition, Kunming SouFun Thanks for the long-standing support of the majority of users, send text messages to inform you that this is hereby event related issues. It is reported that, as long as you send text messages by SouFun buyers can enjoy the outer 1% discount! Activities will be interspersed with on-site sweepstakes site, it is understood, the activities will be out of a total of five winners, you can purchase vouchers worth 4,888 yuan! It is worth mentioning is that both the search room or an extra 1% discount voucher lottery proceeds have accumulated to an unlimited maximum benefits. Soufun join Red Star International, waiting for you!