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Dental implant so that the elderly enjoy the food

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"I think dental implants" column Current number of guiding dental experts attending physician Armed Police Hospital of Fujian Zhang Chunyang Graduated from the School of Stomatology, Nanjing Medical University, nearly 10 years of rich experience in clinical treatment of oral, well-known hospitals of the country engaged in oral and maxillofacial surgery for years, the anatomy of the mouth are very familiar face, while the accumulation of a large number of experience in complex surgical procedures; in the Asian Oral Implant Research and Education Center (AIC) study of Oral Implantology, access credentials AIC planting, planting in the dental work. Expertise: invasive plant, various types of complex dental implants, to enhance both inside and outside the maxillary sinus bone graft. Delicate operation, the anesthetic techniques also has studied the state allows patients to easily enjoy a painless teeth grown charm. Missing teeth, how do? Many of the elderly are thought likely to wear dentures, what we usually say dentures. But most of the alveolar ridge in the elderly has shrunk, particularly the mandibular alveolar ridge atrophy more pronounced, difficult denture retention and stability, so it was easy to loose dentures when eating, chewing hard objects unable to issue bring a lot of confusion to the elderly. The implant does not exist these problems. The elderly are more missing teeth, but also a "full mouth implant overlay retention" (referred to as "denture implant"), which selectively grow some of the teeth, then they provide support to the dentures and fixed position. Full mouth compared to planting, "growing prosthesis" can reduce at least 2-4 implants, surgery is relatively simple, and thus can significantly reduce health care costs. Full mouth implant coverage, you can pick to wear, easy to maintain oral hygiene. It is understood that full mouth implant overlay the retention of a wide range of devices, including cassette retainer rod design the most commonly used, in addition to plug channel retainer, ball retention, magnetic retainers, etc., are the use of different scholars, but also retention achieved good results Has been mistaken for a dental implant is only suitable for youth groups, the alveolar ridge in the elderly poor, used to be that surgery is difficult, expensive surgery. In fact, 60 years from the last century, Sweden has begun the first case of modern Branemark dental implants after 40 years, scholars from various countries through a large number of clinical practice and basic research, dental implant has become the best dentition defect repair method. In China, as people's living standards, the quality of life in the elderly with new requirements, the money to eat, but no teeth to bite in the face of this problem. Now, overlay enable full mouth implant in the elderly and young people, enjoy the dental implant bring comfort and convenience. Implant, allowing the elderly to enjoy food! Implant Information Immediate implantation of minimally invasive full digital safe, accurate, fast Growing number of armed police hospital, according to dental experts, dental implant is now generally recommended "immediate implantation," because it has three unique advantages: First, the design process completely "visible": computer automated processing of three-dimensional CT data of patients with oral cavity, to create visual "operation guide", the doctor can see the precise pre-operative model and the plant effect. Second, fast accurate, high rate of success: According to the "operation guide" produced by the implants and denture restorations will be in full compliance with oral ratio, making the surgery more accurate and safer, not only in patients with denture quality assurance, and operation time is short, regular grown an average of just one hour per tooth or so. Third, the minimally invasive treatment, no pain: design of the tooth after the completion of the United States, doctors can about patients to undergo surgery, the patient only once no incision, no flap, no suture of minimally invasive surgery, can have a beautiful and attractive fixed partial dentures, but no discomfort during the treatment. Implant Hotline Dental implant will be as durable and really it? Zhangchun Yang, MD: Many dental implant stability than real teeth also, compared to dentures, dental implant is to obtain a 100% recovery of masticatory efficiency. How long can implant after tooth extraction? Zhangchun Yang, MD A: Generally a half to three months, according to the specific circumstances of the patient's own decision can be grown. Now experts recommend early planting to prevent further absorption of alveolar bone. What is the immediate implantation? Zhangchun Yang, MD A: that is, in the same period implants after tooth extraction. Immediate implantation can reduce the number of operations, shortening the waiting time to repair, alveolar bone after tooth extraction to reduce the physiological uptake, early resumption of the chewing function, repair aesthetic effect, improve the patients physical and psychological health. Implants expensive? Zhangchun Yang, MD A: The cost of dental implants depends on the number and type of dental implant and crown type. For example, a dental implant fixed bridge costs about the equivalent of a fixed price (but fixed bridge to repair the health of adjacent teeth grinding except for retention, while the implant is not required).