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Refund guidelines are still disputes Jiaxinmao Square Gourmet plate opposite t

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"We are here to consume, the results did not eat rice, and also played scarred." Tan Kun Cheong people complained to the newspaper, 15, who is located in Nanchang, a family of three in the liberation of the fourth floor of West's Jiaxinmao Square The food is still eating, but it was the food stalls within the staff is still beating, but the Guardian as the management unit in Shenzhen Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Property Services Limited has not come forward to stop the first time. Complaints: the food is difficult to request a refund of conflict cited According to Tan Kun introduction, 15 at 7 pm, she and her husband and son came to the fourth floor of the food is still Jiaxinmao square meal, in a man named "Hu Square bean curd," the stall point of the meal. "Half an hour after the meal are not on the meal, the waiter said to be no lunch. Because the food is not edible, we request a chargeback, the other party agreed to back and side food stalls. Had to take as long as the meal card Choi Jin to retreat, but they insisted that we produce a small ticket consumer. "Tan Kun said that the day also in other points of the snack stalls, small ticket consumer could not find a moment, but according to Cary records to determine the amount of consumption, but stalls Consumer credit card has a red Didan. "But the waiter took a tough stance, also said that no red Didan stalls." Subsequently, the son of Kun Tan Remove credit card machine next to the red Didan for service personnel to find, at this time, the waiter actually pick up the plate to drop to him. Son and her husband also to a scuffle with several attendants, and both were injured. Kun Tan said that in this case, she had to police for help. She is very unhappy that the food is still the management unit as CapitaLand, Shenzhen Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Property Services Limited has not come forward to stop the first time, after the consumer has not given any statement. Response: sorry and is willing to bear the liability 17, a reporter accompanied Kun Tan and her husband came to food yet. Guardian Shenzhen, Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Property Services Ltd Jiaxinmao Square food is still responsible Zou Huifen explained that there is a dispute the same day, a time when their annual leave, it failed to stop the fight. But she said the food is still the first meal for the customers to apologize for being assaulted, beaten attendant customer is wrong, the company has decided to send a warning letter to the stall, and be punished in accordance with regulations, and strengthen internal management. Meanwhile, Zou Huifen said customers suffered beatings and other property losses in consultation with the company, the company is willing to bear the liability. Law: protection of customer personal and property safety should be In this regard, Jiangxi Zhang Ying Wa Po attorney law firm that "the PRC Consumer Rights Protection Law" Article 18 clearly states: "Operators should ensure that the goods or services meet the protection of personal and property safety." food business operators should provide customers with good and safe dining environment, if the customer was beaten during a meal, whether or not the service staff or external staff, food business operators should still bear some responsibility.