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Food of the most active campaign is politic

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Check the number is entered, reasonable food, your athletic plan just can be accomplished the most effective.

   VS motion is measured

1. Little at 1 hour

Principle:  of  of  of settleclear Zheng of Guan of hook of Liao of Mendelevium of suddenly Ping  hooks Lu  frame

Recommend: ?5 minute drink 150 ~ 300 milliliter water.

2.1 ~ 3 hours

Principle: Instrument benevolence goes straight towards Piao of Xia of  of basketry equipment of eyebrow of Li of  of  of Lai head large to hook rinse to owe You of faithful Yue Xie to be worth  just

Recommend: Tip circle hooks creek  and  rare  fines silk Qun  still large   is rare;

3. More than 3 hours


Recommend: The generation that gnaw ∈ hooks?.5 premium, and small butter biscuit, almond cake, sweet dairy produce, the fresh fruit food that contains slow sugar.

  VS campaign time

1. Early morning moves

Principle: Key of tip of  of boundless and indistinct of port of bring a case to court of  Guan Wu swell  of large of honest of Xia of  of constant  of  of = of  of Yang of good large  ah Peng of ⒅ small ⒑ hooks wetting willful bad frame you 

Not the choice of get fat:

2. Move afternoon

Principle: Hour of? of honest large  finishs lunch, compensatory moisture.

Not the choice of get fat: Chase after  of enough Zha Lu to hold the post of  of  of prostitute of imprison Qin  to hold Cong of  of mace neon settleclear Zheng to rouse this  of  of large tending or guard a gate pilfer of ρ of × of Qiang of neon of Bao of  of Quan of H of Τ Mian Jin punishs word of saddle of  of courtyard of silent of  Qi Χ O of coil up of  of solid neon settleclear Zheng

3. Evening moves

Principle: Buy the campaign inside? hour, feel easily fatigue, because muscle activity needs rich oxygenous blood, and right now blood flows toward enteron. Exercise of 3 hours of redo after dinner is better. Water fills moderately after can moving, but do not want again many and additional provision, lest the influence is digested,reach Morpheus.

Not the choice of get fat: V/LIT all over the ground ≡ of Yu fade stupid tip buries Bu of Suo of expose sb's misdeeds or crimes of Gan of ⒌ of  of  of be an official of twin of ⑿ of yo holding the post of imprison says ⑴ of road of extensive of establish of τ of Piao of naevus of Rao Qi  is worth neon settleclear Sha Huan Shi of Lu Lu  of idle of Fu of  of leech of exhausted  of Piao of  of hole of 5  buy

  VS motion around

1. Before motion


Recommend: Zhang of Gan of bad basket  is troubled by Da to make fun of ㄈ Gou Zhui? of settleclear Zheng of Suo of soil of  of Lu of Zha of  of  of stalk of refine of ⑼ of mansion of Mu of ㄐ of ⑼ of a low bank of earth between fields fruit.
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