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Bright grandma regimen makes person old heart not old

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When encountering Mr Zhu, the old people in the park is jumping fashionable " just " . In a flock of people, alone dress a gules T-shirt, look he about 50 years old is to offend an eye most. Look at him to deep and clear the cheesy face about that spray the land, refuse, go instead, footstep light spirit, behavioral nature is fluent, be just as idle front courtyard to stroll, dare not believe Mr Zhu really actually already year 70.

Close quarters scrutiny, a when discover Mr Zhu black hair still shines glossily like child child lustre, complexion is ruddy Bai Xi, look bright has a mind like that. Can't help dark sigh its " be good at keeping young " .

Ask about the way to keep in good health of Mr Zhu, ground of his not worry at all places a hand, "Have what the way to keep in good health, go up to be taken care more in food, motion daily namely, the body is good, state of mind is good, these are young want definitely. These are young want definitely..

Mr Zhu is to take seriously very to diet. As a result of the books and newspaper that reads usually many, right " healthy diet " also had some of research, accordingly his prandial allocate also dress to science, hold to degree of finish element of jumbly, meat or fish is tie-in, heavy in nutrition view of balanced; taste slants at delicate, have green vegetables, coarse food grain more, do not love hemp hot, like braise in soy sauce, deepfry kind all be hit by him " caution food " label. He is special still a when introduced him to me " bright grandma regimen " .

Mr Zhu has the habit that drinks fresh milk as a child. In one's childhood, family circumstances still calculates bounteous, the mother often buys fresh milk to be drunk to him. There still is not freezer in those days, heat up to the day, need condole to last in well water, unlike rambles to small supermarket casually now, can buy " little room " bright grandma. Nowadays, everyday a cup of fresh milk had become some day the indispensable important segment in its life. Still mix occasionally in congee or millet congee, also accomplished a cate unexpectedly. Additional, he still revealed the little secret of health care of a milk to me, will drink the scribble of a bit milk that remain to be on eyelid every time namely, use a hand to be massaged gently, eye of if things go on like this also feels relaxed and bright and clean. Drink Mr Zhu of fresh milk for a long time, there also is oneself small recipe when milk of choose and buy, it is to see the expiration period, the expiration period of general and fresh milk does not exceed 10 days, 2 be look for fresh milk to cold ark.

Next, holding to daily movement to take exercise also is indispensable. Mr Zhu likes to drill practice falls at ordinary times, hit dozen too extremely, especially too extremely, everyday morning and evening always should be hit on two rounds. He says to hit too extremely OK dredge muscle arteries and veins, loose enrages blood, drill circuit comes down the whole body is free from worry, bouncy. Since fan go up too extremely hind, he often still is pulling an old partner to drill together. And the old partner that likes waltz often also pulls Mr Zhu to go ballroom, as time passes, he also became a dance confusing unexpectedly, "Just " still jump particularly marvellously, because this also had the one act of begin.
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