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How to make do " a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " ?

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After the Beginning of Autumn, weather turns gradually for morning and evening cooler, but remain the same by day heat wave raids a person. Because,this is " the Beginning of Autumn " when dog days still does not have an end, summer heat has not disappear. So, the Beginning of Autumn at the beginning of, weather still very fuggy, people still wants sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature above all.
The Beginning of Autumn arrives, meant the autumn to begin. The climate of the Beginning of Autumn is turn to hand over solar term coolly by heat, it is the season that maturity of everythings on earth harvests. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, also be in relief gas closes gradually, shade gas grows gradually, you Yangcheng transforms gradually the period that is Yin Cheng.

Sleep early rise early the gas that protect this world

The autumn, weather belongs to lukewarm dry, can damage the body fluid of human body, make dry, eye doing, pharynx does person occurrence skin little saliva, pee is yellow, defecate constipate symptom. Old people is returning easy happening right now heart head blood-vessel is accident, accordingly, old people wants special attention sunstroke prevention drops in temperature.

Solar term of the Beginning of Autumn is the air temperature in a year by warm up to the turn that drop in temperature period. Temperature of morning and evening will be pulled gradually big, people already felt weather has cool meaning in the evening, because this Morpheus also has gradually,cast off " the intense heat of summer " feeling.

Qiu Yu of after this autumn wind gradually much, climate is changeful, so atmosphere expert says for eventful autumn. Enter after autumn, human body digests a function to drop, disease-resistant ability is abate, if the attention is undeserved, produce diarrhoea possibly namely. The infant is in the easy feeling crowd that this season is diarrhoea, 3 years old of the following children are incidental " autumn diarrhoea " .

Should begin after the Beginning of Autumn " lie early rise early, promote with gallinaceous all " , because sleep early,this is this world that is helpful for tutelar body is angry. The autumn also is the good season that take exercise, want to strengthen the activity outdoor, like ran, play a ball game etc.

Eat less to take sick at heart more tartly

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to be told from food, because of the autumn by lobar dictate, answer to eat sick at heart more, feed laborious less. Because Xin Weifa comes loose,this is have diarrhoea lung, acidity astringent lung is angry, appropriate of autumnal lung gas closes unfavorable medicinal powder, so " the Beginning of Autumn " hind should eat the laborious flavour food such as green, ginger less, eat acidity fruit vegetables more, wait like orange, citric, yangtao and tomato, ban even cold cool. Because the autumn is windy dry, food should drink congee more.
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