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Eat an apple to be able to protect prostate more

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The apple is dietetics home all along people the healthy food that recommends to the masses, abroad considers to discover recently, malic advantage added newly again, that is long-term edible the chronic prostatitis of medicable male.

Chronic prostatitis is the common disease of grown man, as a result of clinical therapy effect not beautiful, it is the one big difficult problem that puzzles patient and doctor all the time. Nevertheless, doctors are in in recent years clinical on discovery, eat an apple to be able to have significant recuperation effect more, can achieve the symptom that relieves chronic prostatitis, goal that reduces recrudesce. Because the content of the zinc in the apple is very high,this basically is, and zinc is the important disease-resistant element inside prostate, and can be affected arrive the function that fights phlogistic cell.

Inside the prostate fluid of chronic prostatitis patient, it is normal that zincic content is compared person reduce apparently, and be in remedial process rise very hard, when listing gland inflammation heal currently only, zincic content ability returns to normal quite. Before doctors like to let a patient take zincic medicaments, but method of this kind of treatment is unfavorable and long-term use, medicaments dosage holds not easily also. Will fill through eating an apple zinc, do not have any side-effect not only, and be helpful for human body is absorbed and be being used, better than the effect that take medicine. Be in clinical on after using, get the welcome of major patient, had become famous " malic therapeutics " .

To chronic prostatitis patient, eat everyday 2, 3 apples, can obtain enougher zincic element, achieve treat the prostatitis, end that avoids recrudesce in coordination, drinkable cider or edible conserve are OK. Additional, other contain the food with fast zinc, wait like lean lean, egg, pignut, walnutmeat, sesame seed, pine nut, sunflower, also can choose according to individual taste.