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The autumn protects liver to eat a grape more

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, grape sex pleasant of smooth, flavour is acerbity, can fill gas blood, strong bones and muscles, beneficial liver shade, benefit pee, easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, warm stomach be good at lienal, divide irritated satisfy one's thirst.
Modern medicine proves, the much phenol that contains in the grape kind material is natural freedom base cleared agent, have very strong fight oxidation active, adjust the function of hepatic cell effectively, resist or reduce freedom radical to be harmed to theirs. In addition, it still is had fight phlogistic action, can be united in wedlock with the protein in bacterium, virus, make they lose the ability that cause disease. Foreign research proves, leaf of fresh grape, grape, currant has the capacity of counteractive virus.
Rich dextrose is contained to reach a variety of vitamins in the grape, the hepatic to protection, effect that reduces ascites and lower limbs dropsy is very apparent, still can raise serous albumin, reduce transaminase. The dextrose in the grape, organic acid, amino acid, vitamin is right cerebrum nerve has excited effect, neurasthenic to hepatitis companion some have improvement with fatigue symptom the effect.
The fruit acid in the grape is returned side aid digestion, can stomachic, prevent the happening of the fatty liver after hepatitis. Currant is the main source of iron of hepatitis patient complement. With grape root water of 150 grams decoct takes 100 grams ~ below, right icteric model hepatitis has certain and auxiliary curative effect.