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7 kinds of food are life-giving wake head

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Life-giving first-rate 7 kinds of food.

1, legume
Iron is the main medium that produces human body energy character, it is loading the main task that carries oxygen to human body organ and muscle. Accordingly, if iron is lacked to pledge inside human body, can cause anemia, make the person feels giddy, lack of power. Although pork liver and lean lean are the optimal origin with qualitative iron, but often eat a few red bean, black soya bean or soya bean, also can have the effect that pledges to compensatory iron, improve exhaustion, weak condition effectively.

   2, spinach
What the female contains to be lacked more easily in spinach is mineral -- magnesian. The female is daily if absorbed magnesium is little at 280 milligram, the person can feel tired. Magnesium is in the action inside human body is muscle medium carbohydrate translate into is available energy.

   3, banana
Banana is called " the food of high-energy quantity " , contain the carbohydrate that absorbs extremely easily for human body, still contain a lot ofpotassium at the same time. It is normal that potassium maintains muscle and nerval in enough help of human body internal energy function, but it cannot store inside body a lot of time, the person is after violent campaign, the Potassium inside body can fall very lowly. Consider to make clear, potassium crosses small conference to bring about muscle ache, arrhythmia, response is slow wait, and eat a few banana to be able to complement the inadequacy of potassium.

  4, strawberry
Strawberry contains rich vitamin C, and vitamin C conduces to human body absorbing iron to pledge, make the cell is obtained alimentary, because this browses more,berry can make a person energetic.

   5, tuna
In the fish that pledges in high protein, tuna contains rich cheese amine acid, cheese amine acid can help the nerve that produces cerebrum deliver material inside human body, make person attention is centered, thinking is nimble.

  6, cornmeal
Somebody discovers, if content of the fiber in breakfast is high, with respect to the feeling that won't empty stomach rumbles. Dietetics home says for this explanation, fiber can make digestive speed rein in, supply carbohydrate continually to blood-vessel, make human body in a steady stream achieves energy ceaselessly. Oatmeal is one kind contains a lot offibrous food, energy is released slow and balanced, can make level of human body blood sugar is maintained all the time in higher level, won't feel very quickly hungry consequently and bouncy.

   7, defatted yoghurt
A lot of women can feel lack of power to be addicted to sleeps in period around. One considers to make clear, take the provision that contains calcium to abound more, wait like defatted yoghurt, can improve this kind of condition apparently. If eat 3 cannikin everyday defatted yoghurt or two dock-glass milk, can make bellyacke, tired, the symptom such as mood be agitated is reduced somewhat, because calcium is had,alleviate muscle insecurity, adjust endocrine action.
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