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What is dried scallop

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Brief introduction: Dried scallop namely the dry goods of scallop, its flavour, colour and lustre, configuration is about the same with holothurian, abalone. The ancients says: "After feeding 3 days, still become aware gallinaceous shrimp is drab. " the delicious blame of visible dried scallop is same kind.

Effect: Dried scallop contains a lot ofa variety of nutrition composition such as protein, carbohydrate, riboflavin and calcium, phosphor, iron, protein content is as high as 61.8% , for 3 times of chicken, beef, bright prawn. Mineral content is far on fim, bird's nest. Dried scallop contains rich glutamic acid natrium, taste is extremely little. Compare with photograph of fresh fan shell, fishy smell is decreased greatly. Dried scallop has the filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, function in be being moved with the stomach, can treat giddy dazzled, pharynx to do thirsty, consumptive disease to cough blood, taste is frail wait for disease, often feed conduce to fall blood pressure, fall cholesterol, benefiting fitness. According to account, dried scallop still is had fight blood-vessel of cancer, bate, avoid the effect such as arteriosclerosis.

Suit a crowd: Average person can edible. Children, gouty ill patient is unfavorable edible.

Applicable quantity: Go up hair article every time 100 grams of 50 ~ .

Sweet clew:

Excessive edible can affect the motion of intestines and stomach to digest a function, bring about food to accumulate sluggish, digest hard absorb. Content of dried scallop protein is high, feed more may cause rash. The glutamic acid natrium that dried scallop place contains is flavour

The bases of essence of life, dissoluble wait for glutamic acid and cheese ammonia acid, in bowel the action of path bacterium falls, translate into is poisonous, harmful material, cell of nerve of meeting interference cerebra metabolizes normally, accordingly must right amount edible.

The dried scallop with good quality is dry, grain complete, size is even, lubricious weak yellow and somewhat burnish.

Bubble of lukewarm leach of the application before dried scallop cook goes up hair, or add yellow rice or millet wine, ginger, green to lie between water steam with a few clear water soft, cook meat and fish dishes next.

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