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Aloe nutrition value is analysed

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Aloe is collect edible, officinal, hairdressing, view and admire the sanitarian plant nova at a suit. Aloe accumulate contain 75 kinds of elements, want material with place of human body cell almost complete be identical. In western country, have because of mark in cosmetic contain aloe part and social status times add, then it praise for " natural beautician " . It is having apparent dietotherapy and medical treatment effect, disease of the chronic that is at a loss what to do to a few hospitals, difficulty often has incredible effect, be called by people flourish " magical plant " , " domestic medicine chest " .

≮ effect ≯
Aloe contains a lot ofnicotinic acid, vitamin B6 to wait, it is bitter aperient of be good at stomach, have fight mucous membrane of stomach of phlogistic, rehabilitate and acetanilide action, be helpful for the cure of gastritis, gastric ulcer, can promote heal breaking through a face. To burning, scald, aloe also can have combat the infection, effect that helps heal very well.
Itself still contains a lot ofchromic element, have the effect of insulin appearance, can adjust the blood sugar inside body metabolizes, it is the good food of diabetic person and medicaments.
Aloe contains a lot ofbiology element to wait, it is hairdressing, reduce weight, the beautiful of constipation of prevention and cure is tasted. To function of bowel of adipose metabolization, stomach, excrete a system to have very good adjustment action.
The immunity of aloe polysaccharide revives action can increase the disease-resistant capacity of airframe. All sorts of chronic are like hypertensive, gouty, asthmatic, cancer to wait, cooperate to use Lu Hui to be able to enhance curative effect in treating a process, quicken the rehabilitation of airframe.

≯ of ≮ applicable crowd
Average person but edible.
It is cankerous disease, the healthy food of patient of cardiovascular disease, diabetic, cancer. Also be a lady, fat person beautiful is tasted.
≯ of ≮ comfortable dosage
Do not exceed 30 grams everyday.
≯ of ≮ special clew
Either all Lu Hui is OK edible. Aloe has 500 many breed, but can be used as medicine have ten only, can of edible have a few variety only.
Aloe has acrid, take out green skin answers before treatment, water boils 3~5 minute, can take out is acrid.
≮ is healthy traffic light ≯
Aloe contains some aloe pieplant element, have the aperient effect below discharge, can bring about diarrhoea, friend cannot take more.
Constitutional empty weak and teenager children do not want excessive edible, otherwise incidental allergy.
Woman of pregnant, period is forbidden take, because Lu Hui can make official of the viscera inside the female congests, stimulative uterus moves.
The patient that has haemorrhoid haemorrhage, nosebleed also does not take Lu Hui, can cause illness aggravation otherwise.
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