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The edible of banana is no-no

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Banana not only delicate, and have a lot of officinal value, because this is very much factitious go after health and eat banana in great quantities, but the work that needs to remind everybody, any delicate want right amount, and use accurate edible method, be just the opposite to what one wished easily otherwise, have the effect that is less than benefiting health not only, bring bad influence possibly even.

Not squashy banana sends constipation easily

Everybody knows, banana crudely when, the cortical green that show blueness, shuck cortical, acerbity cannot issue pharynx. squashy banana, acerbity flavour is swept and clean, soft glutinous is sweet, get of the child and old people love. Banana is tropics, semi-tropical fruit, be saved to facilitate and carry, picked banana when, cannot wait for it ripe, have to pick next put in storage when banana skin viridescence however. After passing accelerate the ripening, the banana that we eat in north just matures. The acerbity flavour of unripe banana comes from the many tannic acid that contains in banana. After maturing when banana, although already was not tasted,give acerbity taste, but the component of tannic acid still is.

Tannic acid has very powerful convergent effect, can form excrement and urine do hard excrement and urine, cause constipation thereby. The most typical is old person, child after eating banana, not only cannot give help aperient, can produce apparent constipation instead.

Doubt- - banana has profit to the eye really

Excessive eats banana to be able to cause microelement scale maladjusted

Banana is the fruit with sweet goluptious glutinous, have some of person consequently many edible banana. Little imagine, such is opposite healthy very adverse. The element such as more magnesium, Potassium is contained in banana, although these mineral elements are institute of human body health is indispensible but if be inside short time,absorb at a draught overmuch, content of the magnesium in can causing blood, Potassium increases quickly, the scale that creates the element such as the Potassium inside body, natrium, calcic, magnesium is maladjusted, produce a harm to health. In addition, eat banana to return more because hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted,can decrease greatly and cause gastric bowel function to had fluctuated with the mood mussily big. Accordingly, banana is unfavorable excessive edible.