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Delicious nutrition has crab officinal value

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Fall season, northwest wind rises, be chrysanthemum when yellow crab is fat. But, when your forefinger is moved greatly, still consider the dietary rule of the ancients first please: "The flavour of place drink has as appropriate as disease, have with as kill, be like benefit criterion complement, kill become pain " ; "Dietary Jie with preserve one's health, and do not know content sex to have appropriate photograph fear, cong Ran is miscellaneous into, light viscera disaccord, stand again promote disaster " .

The language of these dietary appropriate avoid of the ancients, its word is very right. Medical expert is to inform a citizen more: Although crab is delicate goluptious, nutrition is rich, but need to have when edible exquisite, special the person that has certain disease to the body, edible method has can hurt a body instead by accident, do not have an insatiable desire for please temporarily of food desire, bring cause future trouble.

Crab is delicious more nutrition

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has long history to the officinal value understanding of crab, according to " along with news room cookbook " account: "Filling marrow, grow liver shade, fill gastric juice, raise muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, treat subcutaneous ulcer to heal nucleus " . Latter-day, " big dictionary of Chinese traditional medicine " say its use advocate treat call: "Clear heat, medicinal powder blood, add is hurt absolutely, wipe loss of bones and muscles, itch, lacquer sore, scald " .

Of crab delicate and goluptious, it is well-known. And this is delicate and goluptious come from the nutrient value at crab. In crab can feed place, every 100 grams are hydrous 80 grams, protein 14 grams, adipose 2.6 grams, carbohydrate 0.7 grams, calcic 0.141 grams, phosphor 0.191 grams, iron 0.08 grams, unit of vitamin A230 international, riboflavin 0.0051 grams, muscle contains more than kinds of 10 dissociate amino acid, among them glutamic acid, proline, acid content of ammonia of essence of life is more.

Protein is human body grows, the corporeal foundation of all life activities such as development, progenitive, heredity, there is main amino acid in protein 20 kinds, and there are more than kinds 10 namely inside crab, be opposite so after operation hind, disease, the person that uses up sexual disease to wait to already used up a large number of protein to need compensatory nutrition chronically is large good part.

In addition, more vitamin A is contained in crab, change to cutaneous horn helpful; To children rachitic, the osteoporosis of old people also can have the effect that pledges to compensatory calcium.