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Celery matchs walnutmeat, jujube to fight consenescence

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Celery serves as a kind of healthy vegetable to be people place to love, have the effect that combats consenescence more with walnutmeat and jujube collocation.

Celery contains rich vitamin, iron and plant cellulose, have the embellish skin, bright eye, effect that raises blood, plant cellulose can have the effect that reduce weight. Walnutmeat contains carotene and vitamin C, E to wait, often feed walnutmeat to be able to make a person able-bodied, have the effect of embellish skin, black beard and hair. Celery and walnutmeat collocation are fed together, can embellish skin hairdressing, fight anile, prolong life. Still can wait for auxiliary dietotherapy food of the patient as hypertensive, constipation.
From the point of alimental property of a medicine, small suffering of celery sex flavour, cool, have smooth liver Qing Dynasty the effect with hot, dispel the wind, wet, hemostatic, alexipharmic benefit. Pleasant of flavour of red jujube sex is lukewarm, have the effect of filling taste, unripe body fluid, harmonic property of a medicine. Celery, red jujube contains rich iron, both collocation boils soup edible, have moist skin, fight the anile, action that raises blood to raise spirit. The food of dietotherapy health care that can reduce the patient such as sexual purpura as hypertensive, hepatitis, anaemic, plaque.