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The nutrient value of pineapple is very high

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Trailing plants renown wind pear, Huang Li, submit taper length a circle or cylinder form.

Bo is one of 4 names fruit of our country south. Yellow or pineapple pulp is shallow yellow, the flesh is qualitative delicate, moisture content is high, mouthfeel is admirable. Pineapple of every 100 grams contains moisture content 87.1 grams, protein 0.5 grams, adipose 0.1 grams, fiber 1.2 grams, nick is acerbity 0.1 milligram, potassium 126 milligram, sodium 1.2 milligram, zinc 0.08 milligram, carbohydrate 8.5 grams, calcic 20 milligram, phosphor 6 milligram, iron 0.2 milligram, carotene 0.08 milligram, sulfur amine element 0.03 milligram, riboflavin 0.02 milligram, vitamin C18 milligram, ash content 0.3 grams, contain a variety of organic acid and pineapple additionally enzymatic etc.

The nutrient value of pineapple is very high

The curiosa of heat of disappear of pineapple since midsummer, satisfy one's thirst, also be good reduce weight, healthy fruit. Fructification contains pineapple enzymatic, helpful digestive protein, study the effect such as bronchitic, diuresis, hemal to precaution sclerosis and heart disease of coronary artery sex have certain effect. Edible is fresh when pineapple, use pineapple briny dip to wash first, smell will be sweeter.