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Rice cannot be fed together with what food

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Paddy rice:

Rice is unfavorable feed together with horseflesh, honey, Cang Er.


The egg is unfavorable boil; and saccharin, brown sugar to feed can toxic; and goose to feed scathing taste; and rabbit meat, persimmon together together together together with candy bring about diarrhoea; to should not be at the same time feed together with soft-shelled turtle, carp, soya-bean milk, tea.

Pork (thin) :

Pork is unfavorable flesh of liver of flesh of fish, shrimp, as columbine as Wu Mei, licorice, crucian carp flesh, river snail, almond, ass, sheep, caraway, soft-shelled turtle, water chestnut, buckwheat, quail, beef is fed together. Should not be many after porker flesh drink tea.


Milk and lean lean are improper feed together, because many calcium is contained in milk, and phosphor is contained in lean lean, these two kinds of nutriment cannot be absorbed at the same time, the calcium is phosphor that foreign medicine group says is overcome. Calcic phosphor is optimal than for 1: 1 to 1: 1.5 between, promote each other right now absorb.


Wine and carrot are unfavorable feed together, can cause a large number of carotene and alcohol to enter human body together, and toxin produces in liver, cause liver disease; is additional turnip advocate have diarrhoea, carrot is fill, so both had better not be fed together.

Laver (dry) :

Laver is unfavorable feed; to should not be as collective as acerb fruit together with persimmon edible, easy cause gastric bowel unwell.

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