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Pork must not match with 4 kinds of food

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1, pork is mixed beef

The view long-standing that pork and beef do not feed in all, " drink board is wanting " point out: "Pork cannot be fed together with beef " . This basically is from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine angle considers, it is from food of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine property of a medicine looks, pork acid is cold, small cold, have the sex with cold shade of grow be bored with, and pleasant of beef criterion odour is lukewarm, can fill taste, strong lumbar foot, have the meritorious service that An Zhongyi enrages. Both one Wen Yihan, the taste in filling, person of empty of one cold be bored with. Sexual flavour collides somewhat, reason is unfavorable feed together.

2, pork and ovine liver

Cloud of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: "Pork in all ovine liver and those who feed, make popular feeling frowsty. Because,this basically is bitter cold of flavour of ovine diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, filling liver, bright eye, empty of the wind that treat liver is hot. "Pork grow be bored with, make damp and hot into the stomach " , tell from food property of a medicine, conpatibility of medicines is unfavorable. Ovine liver has energy of life of the smell of mutton, with pork collective boil is fried, give birth to strange flavour easily, tell from cooking angle look, also not appropriate.

3, pork and soja

From the point of contemporary dietetics viewpoint, legume and pork should not be tie-in, because acid content of the establish in the beans is very high,be, 60% -- with establish acid the form exists the phosphor of 80% . It often forms complex matter with protein and mineral element, and affect both can use a sex, reduce use efficiency; In still have even if be being fed because of the meat or fish such as legume and lean lean, fish mineral wait for union like calcic, iron, zinc, be disturbed thereby and reduce the human body absorption to these elements. Reason pork and soya bean should not be tie-in, the pig hoof soya bean that stew is improper collocation.

4, pork and coriander

Coriander laborious is lukewarm, bad news gas overtaxes his nerves. Pork grow be bored with, aid damp and hot and be born phlegmy. Ancient books has account: "Every flesh has fill, only pork of no help " .

One bad news is angry, one of no help, reason both deserves to feed, have to the body damage, coriander renown caraway, can go fishy smell, eat together with hotpot appropriate.