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What person is unfavorable the scented tea that drink chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks chrysanthemum flavour hardships and difficulties, the gender is small cold, have scattered wind hot, stablize liver this world, clear liver the effect of bright eye, clear hot detoxify. Modern research thinks, chrysanthemum contains a variety of nutrition material, have defy poison of bacterium, disease-resistant, solution hot, fight the action such as consenescence, the action to cardiovascular system particularly remarkable, the disease such as fat, hypertensive to tall blood, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis has effect of auxiliary prevention and cure, the favour of senile friend in sufferring fully consequently.

Although chrysanthemum tea has so many profit, but also be not everybody all appropriate. Because chrysanthemum sex is small,this is cold, agree with quite the person of Yang Kang of deficiency of yin with irritability or solid hot constitution is taken, " a book on Chinese medicine collects character " think chrysanthemum to " stomach of deficiency of vital energy is cold, feed the person of discharge of little have diarrhoea, appropriate uses less " . Modern research also discovers, occurrence anorexia of tea party of long-term and many drinkable chrysanthemum, abdomen is fond of few number person the symptom such as diarrhoea, guttural aching accentuation. So, when drinkable chrysanthemum tea must because of the person different. Usually is afraid that cold, hands or feet sends cool, taste frail the person that wait for Xu Han constitution is best the distance that keeps measurable with chrysanthemum tea.

In addition, those who need an attention is clinical go up to already had the report that takes chrysanthemum to bring about allergy, accordingly, allergic constitution person must notice all the more, when drink is tasted originally when once appear,the allergy such as rash reacts, should stop instantly take, see a doctor in time when necessary.