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Autumn arrives eat seafood ten million to not match with the fruit

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Autumn, all sorts of pathogen are in active position, if be in this moment carelessly the individual is wholesome, bring about a bacteria very likely many in the alvine path of human body breed causes diarrhoea, and in diarrhoea patient, 3 because,becoming above is mouth not choose is fed cause.

Cold heat stimulates gastric bowel to cause diarrhoea with drink. A lot of children like to heat up food and ice-cream to eat together, some children like to drink hot boiling water at the same time, have cold drink at the same time. Little imagine, of food temperature change abruptly can cause gastric bowel mucous membrane the injury of different level, bring about gastric bowel path to absorb food happening obstacle, form the defecate diarrhoea like water.
Seafood and fruit are mixed feed cause diarrhoea. The fish in seafood, shrimp, alga contain richer protein and calcium to wait, if if grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn, persimmon is equal,eat they and the fruit that contain tannic acid, can reduce protein nutrient value not only, and the calcium that makes choice seafood easily medium combines unfavorable digestive material with tannic acid character. These material stimulate intestines and stomach, can cause human body unwell, bowel of stomach of the person that weigh bleeds, light person occurrence vomiting, giddy, disgusting wait for a symptom with bellyacke, diarrhoea. So, after eating seafood, the fruit eats on unfavorable horse.
One occurrence diarrhoea uses a lot of people antibiotic medicine, not only useless to preventing and cure, still can damage function of human body immunity further, make the body that has been damaged more frail. Accordingly, besides bellyacke degree heavier patient can coach in the doctor outside falling to use remedy to disease, do not advocate commonly with medicine. Remind everybody for this expert, precaution is not bacterial sex appeal to catch diarrhoea, the key is control food, find out food the tie-in and undeserved, cause of disease that causes gastric bowel path to absorb an obstacle.