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Hollow take food " 3 avoid "

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One avoid tall sweet is tasted. "Because human body cannot secrete enough pancreas islet always inside short time,keep the normal cost of blood sugar, accordingly, hollow excessive eats the carbohydrate food such as white sugar, brown sugar, mug-up, yam, cause blood sugar easily to lift abruptly. " Chongqing dietetics expert says, hollow excessive eats carbohydrate food to still can destroy the soda acid inside airframe to balance, can create gastric department unwell, the symptom such as the occurrence heartburn, water that spit acid.

The food with fast content of 2 avoid protein. Hollow excessive eats milk, soya-bean milk, egg, meat kind wait for the food with protein fast content, protein will " be forced " translate into heat energy is used up, nutrition is less than since nourishing action. In addition, inside a shorter time, protein excessive builds up together, protein decomposes the meeting in the process to produce a large number of urea, ammonia kind wait for harmful material, adverse healthy.

3 avoid are strong excitant food. Hollow had taken food too too hot, acerbity, salty reach refrigerant wait for strong excitant food, these food can destroy gastric mucous membrane or alvine wall, cause gastric bowel convulsion, angina, cause gastric bowel disease.