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For error of idea of health of your broom food

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In the article, we expose a few common dietary concept errors as follows, aim to provided a few valuable healthy guidance for the reader 2008.

Error one: Low adipose food reduces weight

Fact: American eats low adipose food mostly, but a lot of people in them still fatter and fatter. This enough explains afore-mentioned viewpoints are wrong. The United States passes the investigation discovery inside countrywide limits, in the past in 14 years, although already adopted all sorts of measures food medium adipose reduced 7% , but the number that weight overweights rose 9% however. Although you replace fast adipose food with low adipose food, your weight still increases likely. Because although you eat, is low adipose food, but you absorbed more calorie extremely likely however, that is to say, the adipose content of food decreased, but what you eat is more than before however. E.g. , 40 calorie differ only between ice-cream of half cups of herb and ice-cream of herb of half cups of low fat. But you can be in extremely likely " low fat " puzzle next letting oneself scruple without place the ground eats on full a cup, such, the sweetgrass ice-cream with the caloric commonner than half cups gross that you absorb is much still. The caloric gross that the female needs everyday uprights between 1600-2000 calorie. The weight that uses you is multiplied with 12 it is you the calorie that wants everyday is worth probably.

Error 2: Everyday take things easy of 8 cups of water is drunk

Fact: Most person thinks, drink 8 cups of water everyday (2000cc) is healthful. But in recent years, a few medicine of foreign study the branch offers different opinion. Many experts point out: Must not drink everyday certainly sufficient 8 cups of water, because drink,too much water also can bring a trouble to the body.

The expert thinks: Drink water and like absorbing quantity of heat, how much should be need, compensatory how many. At present enough of without what scientific evidence explains, drink water more with respect to poison of can much platoon. Contrary, one individual water is drunk too much, make extremely easily overbalance of the electrolyte inside body (ion of sodium, Potassium is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year) , water-solubility vitamin (if B a group of things with common features reachs C) lighter prediction of a person's luck in a given year. So, how many water does normal person drink to measure ability to be everyday proper? Science considers to discover, generally speaking, human body evaporates from uric fluid, sweat fluid or skin everyday the moisture that waits for prediction of a person's luck in a given year, it is 1800-2000cc about, because this comes for years,people is saying all the time, healthy adult needs the moisture content that compensatory 2000cc controls everyday. But this 2000cc moisture is differ choose a site for the capital by drink water to obtain, and should calculate the moisture in food along with all the others go in, this ability is accurate sanitarian method.
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