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Egg soya-bean milk had better not eat together

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Dietary contraindication is a main idea in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, because any food have the property of Wen Liang of chills and fever, the effect of mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements can produce between them. Collocation is good, can effect times add; Tie-in fault, can reduce the absorption of food nutrition, serious still can cause toxic reaction.

The egg is the food that people often has, a lot of people know its nutrient value is very high, however oversight the food that eats an egg is no-no. In diet, meat of egg and white sugar, soya-bean milk, rabbit eats together, it is a few the biggest errors.

  No-no one: Egg and white sugar are boiled together

A lot of places have the habit that has syrup poached eggs. Actually, egg and white sugar are boiled together, the amino acid that can make egg protein medium forms the combinative other people of fructose radical lysine. This kind of material is absorbed not easily by human body, produce undesirable effect to healthy meeting.

   No-no 2: Egg and soya-bean milk are fed together

An egg eats when drinking soya-bean milk in the morning, or be lay the egg in soya-bean milk to boil, also be the dietary habit of a lot of people. Pleasant of flavour of soya-bean milk sex is smooth, contain a plant albumen, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral wait for composition of a lot of nutrition, alone and drinkable have very powerful nourishing effect. But among them a kind of special material calls trypsin, with the egg in egg white loose albumen photograph is united in wedlock, can cause the loss of nutrient composition, reduce the nutrient value of both.

   No-no 3: Egg and rabbit meat eat together

The egg still has contraindication of a food, cannot eat together with rabbit meat namely. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in say: "The egg becomes discharge dysentery with rabbit meat. " acid of Gan Han of flavour of rabbit meat sex is cold, egg pleasant Pingwei is cold, both contains material of active of a few biology, feed in all can produce reaction, spur talk of intestines and stomach, cause diarrhoea.