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Japanese tea " 4 compasses and 7 "

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  Tea path, it is a kind of classic and refined culture culture that has long history, also be Japanese is recievedGuestOne kind special and formal. The custom that Japanese drinks tea is the earliest pass into by China, wide later popularity at folk. Mouth of tea a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest is amounted to about nowadays 10 million, near of countrywide total population very one of.

Tea path is different from drink tea commonly, pin Ming, have the firm order of one a complete set of and regulation however. Tea path tastes tea very exquisite place, all be in commonlyTeahouseUndertake in. Normal teahouse is much case have " XX huts " name. Teahouse area size differs. With " 4 fold half " (add up to 9 square metre about) big teahouse is in the majority, be less than 4 fold of half say " small " , be more than 4 fold of half say " wide " . The construction of teahouse and display, basically be among set contented to make charcoal furnace and tea boiler, putting before furnaceTeacupWith all sorts of appliance, set all round advocate, guest chair and for host small rest used bed.

When welcoming visitor, wait for a guest to enter hind, nod by compulsory exercise by the tea division that manages a ceremony the charcoal fire, boiled water that boil, strong tea orWipe tea(Make teaspoon press particular movement to become the tea agitate in teacup spumescent) with bamboo, next ordinal give guest.

The guest needs deferential both hands to receive tea by the regulation, first express one's thanks to, thereafter 3 turnTeacup, taste gently, slow drink, return.

The dot tea, tea that boil, strong tea, offer tea, it is the body of tea path ceremony, need technical skill and training.

Tea path tastes tea to divide " annulus drink " and " odd drink " two kinds of forms. Annulus drink is the guest samples by turns a bowl of tea, odd drink isGuestEverybody is alone a bowl of tea. Drink tea end, according to the habit the guest should undertake appreciate to all sorts of tea service, praise one time. Finally, the guest leaves to master worship on bended knees, host sends enthusiasticly.

Tea pathExquisite still abide by " 4 compasses " , "7 " . 4 compasses point to " and, respect, clear, lonely " , it is the marrow that tea. "And, respect " it is to point to host andGuestHad mind, manner and demit appearance answer between. "Clear, lonely " it is a requirementTeahouseAnd drink tea the environment that curtilage should maintain quiet and elegant is amiable atmosphere. 7 show is: Have ahead of schedule good tea, shift to an earlier date put away charcoal, teahouse Yingdong warm summer is cool, indoor and land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another maintain natural beauty, punctual, equipment good rain gear, always put the guest in the heart classy.
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